November is also known as National Novel Writing Month where writers from all professions, genres, and skill-levels rush to finish the roughly 50,000 word draft and celebrate creative endeavor.

But while rushing a deadline and word count makes for very poor quality content, NaNoWriMo demonstrates that there is still something of value to that rush. It’s this value that you can take beyond the event, beyond November, and to your entire content marketing strategy.

So what exactly is this value made of? It’s made of the difference between content that’s been rushed and content that’s running free.


When you’re rushing your content (be it blogging or PRs), you are more focused on constraints, ceilings, and limitations than you are on being able take your content where you want to take it. For example, take the relationship between content and SEO marketing.

Before, content was used as nothing more than tool for gaming the system. But in just recent years, changes to Google’s algorithm have terminated those tactics and have grown more demand for real content. That means less fretting over keyword density, backlinks, and (ironically) word count and more on being real!


Speaking of which, the excessive focus of previous SEO strategies on such technicalities can really chain down expression. Just imagine how hard it was to be more articulate because your word choice was limited by the need for density.

A real content marketer knows the value of information. That information isn’t always best relayed when you don’t have the freedom to express it in the best way you know. That’s what events like NaNowWriMo were made to address. It’s meant to bring out expression without worry for even quality. It may be a little different from the standards of content marketing but you still shouldn’t gag anything that hampers your ability to drive a point across.


Rushing isn’t natural. It’s forced. It’s like running till you run out of breath. Likewise, forcing yourself to meet a certain schedule or word count can make it hard to focus on the points you wanted to convey. Another natural thing to keep in mind is natural tendency.

A good content marketer always has a natural tendency towards value, not SEO. When natural quality is wired into your instincts, it’s more likely to flow through you. That means less time on editing and may even cut planning by significant margins.

Put these three together and you’ll see that it’s not just the speed of delivery. It’s about giving unbridled value to what’s being delivered. Be it product information, how-tos, news reports etc. There is a beauty to raw and real content that can be a tremendous improvement to marketing.