B2B telemarketing, lead generation, telemarketers, telemarketing, cold callingIf you’ve never heard of B2B telemarketing before, then you’ve found the right place to be at this very moment. This post is going to talk about what B2B telemarketing is, how you can get it for your own company, and what you can get from it. Welcome to the noob’s guide to B2B telemarketing!

What is B2B telemarketing? – Quite a simple question. Basically, it is the marketing of various products and services through the phone. Conceived in the mid 90’s, telemarketing rose to its seat of power and became known as one of the most effective marketing mediums for many B2C companies. It is only just recently that B2B telemarketing has flourished in the B2B industry as more and more marketers are opening up their minds to incorporating different marketing mediums to manipulate.

How can you get such services? – Currently, there are 2 ways to obtain telemarketing services. One of them is through outsourcing, the other being creating your own in-house department. Depending on your own budget though, your choice on how you get services will vary. Usually, companies with little to no budget for such big-top marketing schemes choose to outsource to a third party provider, this case being the very same scenario for choosing to outsource B2B telemarketing to another firm. If you have no budget for it, then you can’t really expect to just build-up your own in-house department. As opposed to that, companies that have big budgets and can afford the extra staff, as well the as added operational costs, can choose to go with creating their own in-house telemarketing department. Still, it is important to note that even big companies have B2B telemarketing arms that they have working for them.

What can you do with it? – What many companies and businesses are using B2B telemarketing for nowadays is lead generation. Unlike back then when cold calling was purely a selling activity, it has now become more a marketing activity and instead focuses on generating B2B leads and increasing and building brand awareness. Primarily, lead generation is the dominant reason for why businesses choose to make use of telemarketing, then there’s also B2B appointment setting. We also have event telemarketing to help manage the inviting of multiple prospects and guests to a business convention, trade shows, seminars, etc. There are a lot more of things you can do with telemarketing, however that’s purely up to you or on what your B2B telemarketing services provider is capable of offering.

What’s the point? – Telemarketing exists to still be one of the best and most stable marketing mediums around to date! A lot of marketers still make use of cold calling because response rates are higher when you do business calls. Aside from that, higher penetrations rates have been shown in terms of getting in touch with company decision makers and other c-level executives. In terms of lead generation, telemarketing is one of the best methods to make use of, one that gets good results, and gets the job done. Also, with a lot of telemarketing service providers out in the world today, you can find one that suits your firms needs and one that charges a reasonable price for their services. The point here is that you get what you need from experts in their field for a price that is just right and in turn get results that you can happily work with.

If you’ve been hearing some chatter about cold calling being dead, then don’t be quick to get off your high horse and walk the rest of the way to your destination. B2B telemarketing is here to stay, as well as cold calling as it is widely done by many telemarketers. Hopefully, this simple guide to B2B telemarketing has given you an idea of what you might be getting into.