B2B telemarketing, telemarketing, telemarketersMarketers have a penchant for sales. Then again, if you’re working for a company that isn’t non-profit, then making money is probably what’s on top of the agenda. Marketing experts will advise that different mediums be used in order to close more sales, probably things such as making use of email marketing to help with finding interested prospects. Still, old school approaches are still some of the best around. One such approach you can make use of is the combination of direct mail/email and B2B telemarketing. Old school marketers have found this combination to their liking, so maybe you can as well. So, how does this play out? Let’s explore it then.

Starting off with email / snail mail

Old school marketers like to make use of email or snail mail to start their communication with their prospects. They usually base the content of these mails on the interests of their prospects. As an opener to a prospect, these mails need to be hit right on the spot and give out the right message. This is usually enough to generate a lead if the prospect is interested in what product/service is being offered, however some choose follow-up this approach with a sales call through a B2B telemarketing campaign in order to get better results. So, aside from capturing the interests of prospects through email, they set-up the playing field and open it up to their telemarketers through generating an interest in the products and services they offer, which their prospects may then like to further discuss through a call from one of their representatives. This is usually done via email nowadays as it is much more efficient both in delivery methods and in costs. Although direct mail is still patronized by many and a great way to make sure that their sent mails are much more visible to their prospects.

The follow-up call

After email and direct mails have been sent out and confirmation about receiving a call from the prospect has been acquired, it now falls to the callers of your B2B telemarketing campaign to finish the job. If you’re making use of this type of old-school marketing method to generate B2B leads, then this is where you can proceed into detail about your products and services. Since the prospect has agreed to receive a call from your company, then it denotes that they are open to what you have to offer. The follow-up call portion of this approach is where you can gauge whether you will pursue the lead or not. But since the prospect has already expressed an interest in what you offer and has agreed to a call, usually it would go good from this point on. This is why this type of old-school method is one that is still trusted and used by many marketers.

Making use of B2B telemarketing and direct mail/email marketing is one of the best old-school methods around that is available to marketers all over the world. It is definitely a marketing method which gets very good results. Consider this tactic on your approaches and see how it could possibly work for you.