Many telemarketing experts will tell you that there is more to marketing with the phone than staying alone with one. In fact, even small businesses should not underestimate the investment they need to call prospects as well the benefits they will get that rivals that of seemingly easier alternatives. One good example is that good telemarketing needs you to give orders because doing it solo and without organization produces zero to little results.

Getting Your Telemarketing Team

Telemarketing, Outbound Telemarketing, Cleaning LeadsSuppose you were a cleaning company. In fact, cleaning companies should relate a lot when it comes to people downplaying the labor that they do. It is the same with telemarketing. See, some people grow their own telemarketing or end up outsourcing for one. Either way, the more you get out of the process, the more people you will need to man the phones. Commercial cleaners see it to. The more places to clean, the more people needed for the job.

See, whether it is cleaning jobs or more qualified cleaning leads, you can only solo either for so long. You need to work more with others and learn to give orders. Giving orders does not automatically make you bossy, commanding, or intimidating. It does not mean you have to bark at them like a drill sergeant. It is simply about organizing your telemarketing agents and realizing that is your only way of drumming up new business for your cleaning firm:

  • It is like cleaning a large mansion – Suppose you were called to clean up a really old office building or even some decrepit mansion. Can you really do it yourself? Of course not! Now take that office building and replace it with your telemarketing database. Can you really keep up with all the numbers you managed to acquire because even entire telemarketing companies employ several teams just to clean up one of their own.

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  • It is like moving units across a battlefield – Just as you assign different cleaning tasks to different people, so do you assign different telemarketing roles. If you think you do not need more than an agent, think again. (Here is a hint: Who do you think checks the quality of their calls?) More than that, assigning those tasks requires giving instructions, giving orders. You are moving them to different areas just as commanders do with soldiers.
  • It is like forging great alliances – Many times in both history and fiction, alliances grew as a result of single individuals uniting different tribes, houses, or even whole worlds. That did not mean they did it completely alone. Your outbound telemarketing campaigns are like the messengers which keep them together as well as bringing new prospects into the fold.

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Telemarketing and commercial cleaning are just two examples of how things could be greater if people worked together. People cannot work together however unless there is someone who knows enough to assign to them what needs to be done. Only then can your multiple telemarketing efforts unite into one and generate commercial cleaning leads. So for one more time: Learn to give orders!