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In our last piece, we talked about the benefits of choosing to outsource B2B telemarketing to a third party firm. This time, let’s explore what it would be like to choose in-house telemarketing over that of outsourced services.

  • What are the benefits? – For one, you’ll have total control of your campaign. You’ll be able to control all the aspects of your B2B telemarketing campaign, such as how much of your budget you allot into it, who your targets will be, what your telemarketers can do and not do, things related to how your campaign would flow and work. Other things could be:
  • A controlled number of staff/telemarketers.
  • Company-trained and employed telemarketers to represent your brand.
  • A potentially large ROI.
  • What are the disadvantages? – Of course, almost everything has a disadvantage. One such thing that you could incur with choosing in-house telemarketing is that you may have to pour a lot of your marketing dollars into the creation of your campaign. You’ll need to set-up your own facilities for your telemarketers, get all the needed equipment, and hire and train your own staff. This takes both time and money, something which could be better invested somewhere else. Here are some other things to think about:
  • Increased operational costs for your company.
  • Potential losses instead of gains.
  • Complete responsibility for the whole campaign.

That being said, in-house telemarketing is not a bad choice to make. It has the potential to get you that increase in sales you are looking for. And if planned correctly, an in-house B2B telemarketing campaign can become even more successful than when you outsource to a third party. Still, the question remains: To outsource, or not to outsource?