Some businesses just have a love-hate relationship with processes like IT lead generation. One moment they are in such desperate need of it. In another, they find the actual grind and workload it requires to be beneath them. Then again, perhaps there are too many manual elements to the labor necessary (especially if when your energy is focused in an industry that does not dabble directly in marketing and lead generation).

The Petty Obstacles To Outsourced Lead Generation

 IT Lead Generation, Outsourced Lead Generation Services, IT leadsHow do you put an end to such indecisiveness? Do you seek outsourced lead generation services regardless of the protests being made (which could cause friction in your company)? How about you put it straight to those same protesters that they will need more than a drill sergeant to conduct that same process in-house? Either way however, you only need to ask one question: What do they really want to do?

  • Sometimes they only refuse because it is what your influencers want – Sometimes you hear mention of other companies that generally think badly of outsourcing lead generation and presume that lack of popularity would be enough to discourage. Unfortunately, true popularity is hard to measure as even IT companies struggle in that contest when it comes to finding their the right inside sales solution and making their own prospects outsource them.
  • Sometimes they refuse because they deem it unpatriotic – Outsourcing lead generation (or any other process for that matter) can occasionally bring up the topic of keeping jobs within a country’s economy and to an extent, preserving it. Alas, what purpose does that serve when the manual tasks required by even the most tech-savvy lead generation strategies remain undesirable to the general population.

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  • Sometimes they just fear lack of transparency and control – This is probably the most understandable objection to outsourcing lead generation. You do not know how well the process is being done. On the other hand, it is no more fruitful than handling the process yourself when you do not know what exactly it is you are handling. At least with outsourcing, you will find people who can tell you what you need to know.

On that last one, you do not even have to sign up for any deal. Many lead generation companies give away the basic facts for free. You see it on their blogs or read it on their social media updates. See, already they serve a purpose without necessarily drawing you in to a deal you might regret.

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Generating qualified IT leads is not about getting them by yourself or through other lead generation services. It is simply getting them with people who does it best.