B2B telemarketing, telemarketers, cold calling, telemarketingWhen prospects answer their phones, they don’t really expect to be hearing telemarketers. However, telemarketers do find ways to reach their target decision makers and key contact personnel. That being said, a sales call can go the wrong way when a telemarketer does not practice politeness and professionalism. When you hear the other person on the line talking about a product/service, you can’t help but question the credibility of their claims. And of course, if they sound too casual, they come off as impolite. So, if you’re using B2B telemarketing as a way to reach your prospects, here are some tips to keep your B2B telemarketing campaign and telemarketers on the right path.

  • Be Polite – It never hurts to say “please”. Since telemarketing involves a lot of cold-calling, the word “please” could very well affect the flow of the entire call and where it goes. The first person that a telemarketer will most often come into contact with is the gatekeeper, and they’ll need to get past them in order to get to their target contact person. That being said, putting “please” into the right areas of your calling script should give off the impression that you are polite and mean well, which could also very well just get you through that gatekeeper who is trying so hard to keep your telemarketer from reaching your contact person.
  • Be Professional – Being polite can get you almost anywhere when doing sales calls in B2B telemarketing, and professionalism in doing so is all part of the deal. When dealing with prospects, gatekeepers, and other contact persons, aside from being polite, you should also come off as sounding professional. Telemarketers that sound like they are reading right out of the call script will most often not be taken seriously by the people they are talking to. Professionalism in doing sales calls is a key factor in doing B2B telemarketing. If you want to sound credible with your claims and have your prospects take your campaign and telemarketers seriously, then make sure they sound and act like professionals while on the phone.

Telemarketing and making sales calls is an art in itself, an art that is mastered only by a good few every now and then. Keep your telemarketing campaign and telemarketers on the right path through politeness and professionalism when dealing with prospects.