Sales and leads can come longer and harder when your company works business to business. However, the scale and the complexity are still both reflected in the return. This keeps things stable or otherwise companies like IBM wouldn’t still be standing and Amazon wouldn’t have a needed for AWS.

Still, like regular retailers, B2B organizations suffer moments were revenue is just bad. Sales aren’t covering up enough for sustainability without your finance department working overtime.

Are such moments truly monstrous though? Maybe such periods are really just the natural part of doing business. And like all natural disasters, perhaps the best you can really do is just adapt to them, get out of their way, or build a strong enough business to withstand.

Think of it like facing Godzilla.

Godzilla is the King of all Monsters. (All giant monsters at least.) He’s not just some atomic dinosaur. It’s the concept behind the dinosaur and how that concept inspires other similar city crushers in popular imagination.

Such monsters aren’t so much evil as they are simply wild, nuclear-powered animals. And like them, the devastating dry spells for your B2B sales might do less damage if you’d focus on prevention rather than cure. Here’s why:

  • There’s just no stopping it – No matter how hard you try to find new ways to boost sales, there just some things your marketers and sales rep can’t control. You’ve got a bad economy or people just aren’t in the mood to do business during certain times of year.
  • You can predict it at least – In the real world, you’re at least lucky enough know a giant monster is on the way to trash your town. How can you miss a towering giant lizard!? Likewise, enough experience should help teach you when the dry spells generally occur.
  • You have enough to prepare – You’re not the only one who’s been through a dry period. There are plenty of B2B marketing resources online with lists of common tips. From targeting old customers to redefining sales leads, the prevalence of these tips over some miracle cure to dry sales is rather telling.

While it’s fun to imagine your business playing the hero and getting sales pouring during hard times, some monsters are just that hard to kill. Sometimes it’s just better to find ways to survive the stomping.