IT companies that ignore the use of telemarketing as part of their lead generation programs are surely missing out. Outbound telemarketing is still a powerful tool when it comes to generating IT services leads, and it appears like it will continue to be as the years go on.

Way back in the past, Alexander Graham Bell almost didn’t get the patent on the telephone he invented – that’s right, he wasn’t the only one working on it. Well, we’d still have the telephone either way. Who we really need to thank is the marketer with the bright idea to sell stuff over the phone. And ever since that it seems like telemarketing has become part of a marketer’s arsenal.

So are you an IT company with an IT telemarketing campaign? If you are, then here are a few quick tips and reminders in helping you have better performance and better results.

Don’t be too sales-oriented in your call script.

As an IT company you need to understand that you cannot effectively market your products and services if you are being to sales-oriented in your call script. Keep in mind that something as important as IT products and services is decided upon by company higher-ups, and that takes time. So right from the start, don’t be sales-oriented in your call script. Stick to building relationships with your prospects and doing appointment setting.

Have your telemarketers follow your ULD.

Sales and marketing are two separate things. That is why at often times leads are rejected by sales because your telemarketers are generating IT sales leads that don’t meet your sales team’s standards. As such, it is best to have a universal lead definition (ULD) in place.

Have sales and marketing meet to create your ULD. After that, make sure that your telemarketers keep to your universal lead definition. You’ll achieve more sales-effectiveness this way, as well as efficiency in lead generation.

Remind your telemarketers to keep smiling.

Smiling is a necessity when you do outbound telemarketing. Why? Because it helps your telemarketers stay cheery and keep a positive attitude. It also makes them sound enthusiastic when talking on the phone – very important because your prospects don’t want to be talking to a sullen and dull marketer.

Being cheery also helps in that it helps your telemarketers come off as genuine to your prospects. If they speak without enthusiasm, your prospects lose interest and it would be quite easy to find out whether they are reading from a script or not. Smiling and having a positive attitude also helps with the stress that builds up due to the constant rejection that comes with cold calling.

So is your IT telemarketing campaign getting you results you’re happy with? Keep these quick tips and reminders in mind if you think that your telemarketing campaign needs some improvement.