Yes you need a bit of attention to get your financial sales leads. That in turn means employing methods that are closer to your prospect’s preferences. That does not mean that whatever marketing stunt you used to draw in your sales leads is supposed to take enough of that attention away from your real offer.

In short, you do not want to be like Hooters just to get sales leads.

Sales Leads Are Qualified Because Of An Interest In Your Offer, Nothing Else

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Okay. You can stop looking now.

When you think of the Hooters brand, do you really think fried chicken? Honestly, even the Axe commercials do a better job in tying its sleazy ads with its actual product. Worst still, what if you are not marketing anything on the level of fast food or men’s cologne? What if your sales leads are for the financial services sector? If you actually get any financial leads, accounting leads or financial planning leads, from that approach, you might want to ask what your prospects are really after.

Hello? Still reading? Good, it shows that you got the point. There is a lot that could go wrong if your lead generation strategy is more about drawing people’s attention to the strategy itself and not the product it is supposed to be marketing. What if your sales leads were just like the many guys who hang out at Hooters for the waitresses and not the food they are serving?

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You can hardly call them sales leads at all at that point for the following reasons:

  • They distort your business image – In people’s minds, do you want to be a financial services company or a subsidiary of Playboy trying to pose as one? Pardon the bluntness but your sales leads should consist of decision makers with real business financial issues if you are going for the former.
  • Prospects show no actual interest in any solution – Can you really call prospects ‘financial sales leads‘ when they are far more preoccupied looking at the pretty lady in your marketing materials and not the sample strategy you have outlined? If you do not find this problematic, your salespeople might (female ones especially).
  • It is just plain silly – There is actually nothing wrong with coming off as funny or quirky. However, it is an entirely different level when your lead generation strategy just shows no intention in drawing to what you are actually about. Your prospects will not take you seriously and other decision makers who would otherwise make for excellent sales leads will just be put off (female ones especially).

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Now if for some reason you still want to try the Hooters route but not without losing any real sales leads, guess what? It does not change anything. You still need to avoid the franchise’s typical mistake of drawing away attention from the real offer. Simply put, whatever sales leads you get from an eye-candy, sales lead generation approach should still result in clients who look to their financial problems seriously and for real.