Sales leads can actually be generated across various levels from B2C to B2B. Although, people usually say ‘lead generation’ to describe marketing for things that have a really long sales process. How can you have marketing that easily goes from appealing to consumers en masse to setting up important client meetings with large business decision makers? In short, how can you get bigger sales leads without leaving out smaller ones?

The Different Levels Of Sales Leads

The problem you are describing is actually very similar to playing a video game. Just like in games, your sales leads are scattered across different levels. In order for your business to grow though, you cannot just stick to one level. You have to make progress and collect the sales leads found on other levels as well. Whereas in games, these levels are filled with bigger monsters and harder enemies, your business will have trouble generating B2B leads because of bigger obstacles.

To overcome this, you need to first identify what these levels are. This is why games give players a sort of indicator (e.g. Level 1, Stage 6). That way, you will know the level of difficulty and prepare your business ahead of time.

  • Level 1: Consumers – This is your starting point. You have a product that appeals to consumers that come to your business in large droves instead of individual sales leads. However, as with every starting level, you need to learn the basics. Those basics will be for the base of your marketing mix.

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  • Level 2: Consumers Turned Businesses – Some businesses have customers who are just as business-minded and want to help sell. These would be comparable to mid-level sales leads where you start expanding upon the basics. The unique thing about these sales leads is that marketing to them still retains that same feel as marketing to consumers.
  • Level 3: Bigger Businesses – The final level. This is where the big bosses are. This is where you find people who embrace not just the business but the industry it is in. This is also where you generate sales leads in a more typical, big business fashion. However, if you have taken your transition from the previous level into account, you now at least have a fair idea on what it means to work with another business.

Remember, you have to grow in order to overcome these different levels in order to get your sales leads. However, some businesses might have trouble because not even the promise of sales leads can save them from the cost it would take to improve their own marketing. It is like in some games where you have limited life that you cannot just waste.

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Fortunately, you can simply outsource for sales leads first before having a go at them yourself. Think of it like buying special items to get a good start or extra life for a few test runs. The best part is you still get to keep the sales leads you generated.

So the next time you are thinking of taking your business to the next level, do not be intimidated by the difficult of getting sales leads. Simply organize these different levels and outsource B2B lead generation when it gets tough!