Generating sales leads themselves is never the end of the marketing process. They are only just potential customers after all (with the potential to help keep business running). After the appointment and after a sale, it could be that your sales leads only began the real work.

Good Instruction Manuals Retain Sales Leads

Sales Leads, IT Sales Leads, Lead GenerationWhenever you bought a piece of furniture, a gadget, or even just a toy, you know there is always that instruction manual that tells you how to put the parts to together. Same thing happens even in B2B. Take business IT for example. It is not even a physical product but the means to make use of it can be more confusing than parodies of Ikea instruction manuals. Your sales leads are best retained if you are good with instructions.

Following is not the only good thing that you can be required to do. Giving them in ways easily understood is also very important. See, if your sales leads are like you, they would want your product to come with a very understandable instruction manual. The only difference in terms of big business is that it is more complex and thus, more critical to keep your sales leads by keeping those instructions understandable.

Coincidentally, that in itself is an instruction and one that can help you generate leads if you follow it correctly. So if you want you to keep your sales leads that way, here is what you should avoid:

  • Complicated instructions – The obvious always goes first and in this case it would be complex instructions. It does not take much to imagine customers growing frustrated, giving up on your IT product and eventually devaluing themselves as future repeat customers.

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  • Oversimplified instructions – Less well-known are instructions that are too simple (and yes, they exist). Ironically the problem with them is the same as that of complex instructions. They are still obscure. In fact, you can even argue for it being worse because nothing happens after following it. You are more likely to give sales leads to consulting firms or worse, your competition because you cannot explain yourself.
  • Poor customer service – In case of either one, your last hope is the customer service number you leave in those manuals. Make sure your customer services are as good as the ones used to qualify inbound IT sales leads. Start comparing them now while you still have a chance to implement change.

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If you think confusing your readers is bad for sales leads, it only logically follows that confusing instructions have the same impact on your IT lead generation campaign. Make sure you give good ones right after qualifying and making that sale!