You can see the effectiveness of your B2B telemarketing efforts by looking at your sales figures. You could say that you’re doing well when you’re ACTUALLY making a profit out of your campaign. Be it an outsourced or in-house campaign, you really want to be getting the most out of your investment into the B2B telemarketing field. Of course, telemarketing has been known to be an effective marketing medium but in recent times, it has become difficult for many telemarketers to do their jobs and be effective as a result of the emergence of email marketing and social media. So, as a result, even your lead generation campaigns face problems. Here’s how you can scale the effectiveness of your B2B telemarketing and lead generation campaigns through ROI computation.

  • Doing it through ROIB2B telemarketing, telemarketing, telemarketers, telemarketing company ROI is an acronym which stands for return on investment (perhaps you already knew that). If you’re getting a positive ROI out of your campaign, then you are of course doing well with your B2B telemarketing efforts. So, let’s calculate it a bit by using this equation: Let us assume that you have invested a hard-earned sum of $20,000 into your campaign. Now, let us also assume that the campaign will last a total of 6 months. After the campaign has ended, you look at your figures and see that you made a profit of $12,000. You have just made back 60% of what you invested, thus resulting in a positive return. As a result, you can say that your telemarketing campaign is making you money, and thus effective.

You may require a different equation and a few other metrics to more effectively scale how effective your campaign is, but hopefully this simple example will give you an idea on how you can do so. Your ROI is one of the figures you should keep your eyes on as it will determine whether your efforts are going to waste or not, whether your making back or losing money.