lead generation telemarketing, teleprospecting, telemarketing companyDigging around the internet for different kind of things has always been helpful to people. It can help pass the time, alleviate boredom, and even spur ideas forward. Well, this time, all that surfing and digging has directed us to an infographic which can be found at Hubspot. You can see the post here.

So, ever wondered why your lead generation efforts aren’t exactly going as smoothly as you planned? Maybe you’ve thought it all up in your head and envisioned some kind of success story, however in the world of business that isn’t always how the cookie crumbles (thank you Jim Carrey). That being said, maybe it’s time you consider making use of some “shameless” marketing tactics. Well, they’ve worked for others. Who’s to say it won’t go the same way for you?

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When it comes to B2B marketing, we can’t really help but resort to hopping onto current trends in the market (bandwagon as you may want to put it) and ride the “wave” that it already stirred. But as far as lead generation telemarketing goes, riding the fame that these shameless marketing tactics have already built may just work to reel in more B2B clients for a telemarketing company. Here’s a few of them:

Be exaggerative –This is the most advanced teleprospecting campaign ever” may be a phrase you have never uttered out of your mouth. Well, you as a marketer know well enough that there is some far more awesome stuff out there. But if you think about, there’s really no harm in a bit of exaggeration on your part. So don’t be afraid to say that your product/service is awesome. You know it is.

Adorable with animals – Everybody loves LOL cats. We also love LOL dogs. Okay, fine. We love cute animals! Ever thought that your marketing campaign needed something to attract a different type of customer base? Well then, maybe some cute and furry animals may just do the trick for you. So go stare at your cat with a camera in hand and pray that it does something funny!

Spank-ingly educative – Ever wanted to tell your audience that they’re doing things wrong? Ever wanted to be the teacher and educate your students? Well, you can do so by telling your target audience just how wrong they’ve been and that you might “spank” them for it. Don’t be too afraid to have a slightly raunchy commercial or ad; people like to be told what to do and get spanked (we mean it in a joking manner).

Get a piggy back ride – Pretty much what this blog post is doing right now. Take something noteworthy, some form of popular news, and use it to your advantage. You’ll be riding the wave of fame that such news has stirred up, and you’ll probably even get a little Google juice out of it since people could start searching for such hot topics.

Sometimes we just have to bend the knee and tip our hats off to other marketers for coming up with such unconventional, and sometime shameful, marketing tactics. Employed properly, you could potentially see a rise in results. Although they won’t be generally part of our main telemarketing campaigns, they can help ramp up publicity and get more views. So to speak, you’ll be trying to bring the gaze of your client’s and B2B prospects over to your telemarketing company.