It’s commonly presumed that the reason people just scoff at commercials and hardly believe a thing on what products claim is the idea that marketers paint a rose-tinted image of what they’re selling.

And in a way, this presumption is true because how else can marketers get your potential clients interested enough to consider a sale? There’s nothing wrong with telling the truth but there’s nothing wrong with a little hyperbole just to catch attention either. Even B2B marketers have to embellish just a little in order to prompt those little subconscious signals in a decision maker’s brain.

But you know, maybe it’s better to not so much show what the product is really like but show how life is really like for the marketers themselves.

You don’t even have to work in marketing per se just to see how this can help the rest of your business.

  • #1. They are still acting as the face of your organization – Marketers find themselves concerned with the overall image of an organization (whether it’s on social media, the rest of the internet, and public life). And these days, people crave authenticity and trust only what sounds more believable. So put all that together, the face of your organization becomes something that is authentic and easier to believe in. It’s that simple!
  • #2. It’ll help save you from the stats – Lying through your teeth could damage your credibility more than just accepting the facts of a marketer’s life. So instead of waiting for a prospect to cite the stats to your face, invite them on a trip that will look deeper into the life that produced those numbers. It’ll be harder to judge when you put prospects in the shoes of people hired to acquire them.
  • #3. It closes gaps – And lastly, seeing a more down-to-earth picture of a marketer’s daily life can close the gap between them and your prospects. When you paint them just as regular workers with the same workplace concerns as they have, empathy develops. It makes it easier to have a frank conversation about how much a prospect could really use a solution.