Any software company that has plans to increase profits must surely consider increasing their client-base first. Without new clients, there would be no new business transactions, and that means no increase in profits. Long-term business contracts are great, but new ones are even better. That is why lead generation is often a priority of many software companies that seek to grow their business.

Lead Generation, Software Lead Generation, Software LeadsThe problem with such marketing campaigns though is that sometimes we don’t know how to judge whether or not things are going smoothly, or whether things are starting to get out of hand. And when things get out of hand for a business it usually doesn’t mean well. At times like these, you need to be able to know whether your lead generation campaign is starting to suffer.

It’s okay to invest heavily in software lead generation, but you should also make sure that you know when your campaign starts to have any problems. If you don’t know when your campaign is ailing then you could end up losing money instead of gaining a positive ROI.

Here are some of the things you need to look out for to know whether your lead generation program is about to kick the bucket:

The campaign doesn’t meet monthly quotas.

On obvious telltale sign of an ailing campaign is, of course, when you don’t reach your monthly quota of software leads. What more could you be wondering about? If your campaign didn’t have any problems with it then you wouldn’t be experiencing a drop in the amount of new business leads you get in a month.

Leads generated don’t convert into sales.

The main objective of your lead generation campaign is to generate business leads that help you make more sales. But what about when you get plenty of leads but none convert? Well, that could mean that your campaign is already suffering a very grave problem. When you generate leads, a good number of them would probably convert into sales. When that doesn’t happen though, then something fishy is going on.

Your strategies just… don’t work.

When your strategies don’t work, well, that’s another obvious sign that your campaign is about to throw in the towel. What would be the point of doing telemarketing or appointment setting if none of the people you get in contact with agree to an appointment with your reps? It would mean you wouldn’t be generating leads, and that already means something bad for your campaign.

There are plenty more signs that can tell you if your software lead generation campaign is ailing or not. These 3 are just some of them, but they should help you keep yourself aware if it seems like you are having problems with your campaign.