lead generation, appointment setting, B2B telemarketing

For many businesses, the ability or inability to find highly-qualified prospects is a make or break factor. Your efficiency and effectiveness at coming up with good prospects depend to some degree on what your offers are and how well you deliver them. Take a look at the following lead generation and appointment setting tips for developing prospecting offers.

  • Precisely define your ideal prospect. A well-targeted lead generation campaign begins with a precise description of the intended prospects. Start by looking at your target market or segment then identify the individuals that adequately represent the sources of demand for your product or services. Later in your campaign planning phase, these qualities will shape what your offers look like.
  • Keep it very short. The age-old saying, “Brevity is the soul of wit,” is quite as true in lead generation and appointment setting as anywhere else. Your prospecting offers should be kept as concise as possible without compromising your message.
    Experts suggest a description of no more than 45 words should be used.
  • Go easy on the details. In relation to the previous point, your prospecting offers should not overwhelm your audience with too much detail. Aside from making your offers uncomfortably lengthy, excessive details tend to distort your message by sidestepping your main point. So, in your lead generation and appointment setting campaign, try to briefly cite at most two distinguishing features from your product or service.

Always prepare for rejection. No matter how well you conduct your lead generation and appointment setting campaigns, your target prospects will always have the final say. This gives you enough reason to include, as part of your prospecting offers, a way to handle unreceptive or uninterested targets. You might want to develop appropriate response to the usual objection or simply opt to drop your offer and move on.