B2B leads, lead generationSocial networks are becoming increasingly popular among the world’s populace. Sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr have thousands, millions of users on them day after day. That being said, marketers are looking to social media marketing as another way to do marketing and as one more way for them to do lead generation.

The question still remains: how can social media marketing lead to the future of marketing? Let’s explore some reasons which you’ll find in this blog post.

Interactivity between people.

Why all sorts of people love social networks are because they are interactive. Facebook allows people to chat in real-time, to post comments, “like” posts and to share them. All these interactive options are what people are after because it allows them to share their thoughts, their opinions, communicate and stay in contact with friends and other people. That being said, generating an interest in your company wouldn’t be far-fetched if you too would make use of social networks to hit-up your targets. If you are interactive with your prospects, then generating B2B leads won’t ever be a problem. You’ll have the chance to know how your prospects feel about your brand: your company as well as your products and services. All these types of input can give any marketer the needed edge in tweaking their marketing approaches so that they get better results in the future.

It is FUN.

Everyone likes to have fun. Even in the work place, people try to turn menial tasks into something that is worth doing and enjoyable. Social media marketing allows us to connect with our prospects in environments that, unlike the work place, allow people to just be who they are. When you’re in the office, you’re wearing a suit and acting in the most professional way you can. When you’re at home, you’re probably wearing nothing but flip-flops and lounging on the couch, or are on the Internet and social networking sites. Fun is a motivator, and most people won’t mind participating in certain events and whatnot all for the sake of fun. Social media marketing offers us the chance to bring fun into our marketing strategies by communicating and connecting with our prospects in an environment where they aren’t just business professionals, but a place where they can also be themselves. Being yourself is fun and in the end, we can get better results and data from prospects that are more open to your approaches.

A much larger audience.

Many businesses make use of B2B marketing tactics and direct marketing mediums such as B2B telemarketing, email marketing, and direct mail marketing. These approaches, however, are limited to a small audience. If you’re using a list of business contacts, then you’re only ever going to be contacting people on that list. But with social media, you are before millions of people within the online realm! You’re audience are the millions of people who spend their time online, either to research products and services, or for other reasons. If you want to build a brand and market to a much larger audience, then social media marketing is definitely something you should consider. You’ll be getting in touch not just with your B2B leads, but also with regular people who may just hold golden pieces of feedback for you to make use of.

As per what has been said, can we say that social media marketing is the future of marketing? Well, we won’t know until we try. Marketers are finding that generating B2B leads through social media is very effective, but for just how long can it go? All we can do is try it out for ourselves and see how our marketing and lead generation campaigns fare in the realm of social media.