Whether your qualified financial leads come from an outsourced provider or are generated by your own people, it is important to mark the status of your progress with each one. It is like in strategy games where you actually see a building being constructed in real time. Oddly enough, financial planning services operate on the same need. They need to watch the status of their assets as much as their own sales leads.

Why Must Sales Leads Be So Stalked?

Qualified Financial Leads, Financial Sales LeadsSure if you had only one or two sales leads, looking at their status could cause migraines. It takes so long for a prospect to go from qualifying, following-up, and then finally do something like an appointment set all just to say your firm can generate leads. However, suppose these sales leads are not so few? Going back to the strategy game example, what if you got several buildings under construction at once?

  • They could be finished at different times – There are so many different factors that determine when each of your sales leads is qualified. Sometimes it could only be a matter of calling at the right time. Other times you should give prospects some breathing room. Take these different types and scatter them across, represented by buildings. Do not get caught off guard when some finish sooner.

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  • You could be doing other things in between – Is waiting for your sales leads really the only thing you can do? When you are unaware of what their progress is, you will miss out on opportunities to be more productive. How much time between the qualification of this lead or this one? Are you even pursuing the financial planning leads you have qualified?
  • Your next action could depend on which comes first – Your financial sales leads can easily lose their value even after qualification. A competitor could beat you to them. Their declining interest could lead to a real decline. Keeping an eye on a lead’s status helps you know which one to pursue next.

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If sales leads are important pieces of information, the same goes for whatever reports the progress your business has in qualifying them. Aside from just buildings in strategy games, real life financial services spend a lot of time checking and updating the information of their clients in order to plan for the future. Just because you know your sales leads are still being analyzed does not mean you should generate B2B leads without having a visual indicator!