April is celebrated as National Poetry month but for some people, poetry sounds like nothing more than sweet-talking. Does the kind of talk have room in a sales appointment? Those who hold a traditional view of corporate business might say yes. But then again, many sales advisors claim that the psychology of selling matters less than the sales process.

So which is it? Do you forego any hard facts like budget, need, or a prospect’s past experience? Or do you stick to them in order to determine if they’re really worth the time of your sales rep?

This is a very important question but not one often asked in the conflict of sales versus marketing. It’s common to blame it on varying lead definitions. But asides from that, there are those on the sales side who really like to emphasis the sort of poetic sweet-talking when it comes to winning a sale.

That runs counter to the presumption that many salespeople like to have all the facts before discussing with a prospect. And like all fine balances, striking the one between factual and the psychological side of a sales appointment often just result with one end prioritized more than the other.

So to really even the scale, you simply need to remember that any sweet-talking shouldn’t be an excuse to give your sales rep a hard time.

  • You still need B.A.N.T. – Yes, budgets can be adjusted and authority can be swayed. However, what kind of conversation will your sales rep if they don’t have a name? Basic details give them a topic to start talking.
  • Emotions are a special fuel – Even with all the facts, you’ll get a faster buying decision when there’s an element of emotion behind it. A person full of determination can strike down a nail harder than just somebody who’s heart is not in the hammer.
  • It’s the first safety net – Say you didn’t qualify a lead very well but thanks to a bit of persuasion, the sales appointment went well anyway. That’s not a sign to just count on them. That’s a sign that you need to do better.

No matter how good your sales rep, it’s always better to equip with something that will be the core of their conversation. Like any sales appointment, talking (sweet or otherwise) is but the tree with your facts being the seed it grew it out of.