Will Telemarketing End?

“Celebrate as phoning customers will soon end, for it is intrusive and outdated”

I’ve read an article just a while ago stating that Telemarketing is a dying tactic. But is it?

Cited by Gary Mortimer from QUT Business school

“It’s all about big data… it’s all about digital”

He explained that telemarketing is costly and ineffective due to callers just calling random numbers, hoping that someone’s home and hoping that “Victim” is in a buying mood. 

He further added that Telemarketing worked well around the 50’s and 60’s, but in our generation today, only a handful of people are still using landlines or have landline phones at their home.

But does this mean that telemarketing companies will accept its faith? Knowing that people are getting tired of their annoyance, will they raise the white flag and accept defeat? I think not.

I’ve seen how marketing works and I can assure you that telemarketing companies aren’t just going to stand there and accept their retirement that easily. And here’s why;

Throughout the years, telemarketing companies are struggling with overcoming this change. They know that someday they will raise the flag, with all the scams or fraud act some companies is committing, this place telemarketing in a “Horrid” state, even if your company is trusted and reliable. But this doesn’t stop them, but instead they prove to clients and customers that they aren’t the type of company who will commit such unlawful act.

We can’t say for certain if telemarketing will die out or will it stay for a while.But one thing’s for certain, telemarketing companies won’t give up that easily.