Why would you use telemarketing to promote something everybody hates? It sounds more like a cash burner and a nutjob’s way of killing his/her own business. The truth though is that while the reasons are few, they are all very good reasons for why you should use telemarketing for them.

Using Telemarketing To Justify Your Business’ Existence

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"And I say, Zangief you are bad guy, but this does not mean you are BAD guy."

Credit card companies are one good example of an industry with a strong base of haters. Using telemarketing to acquire credit card processing leads sounds like a surefire way to present yourself as the corporate schemer out to eat consumers’ money.

Then again, why not? That is kind of close to what you do: make it easier for businesses to get money from customers. That sounds like a terrible thing but there is a lot that you can say in your telemarketing campaign that can prove why such ‘terrible things’ are still important for businesses.

  • 1. You are necessary – Do not present yourself as just a necessary ‘evil.’ You are necessary. Period. Take financial services as another example. They may be portrayed as greedy pigs in suits but they still have an important job to do that will have tremendous impact on other people (businesses and consumers alike) if they all suddenly disappear. Telemarketing is a good tool for increasing that awareness.

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  • 2. The good you actually do – Speaking of which, what are the things that you can relay via your telemarketing services that will prove you are necessary? Threatening them with the consequences of your much desired disappearance should not actually be your first choice. Instead, why not show what all that is good and true in what you do? Does hating vegetables make them any less important in a diet? Nope.
  • Face it kid. It's still good for you.

    3. Alternatives are no more perfect – Some people like to boldly present alternatives. Give them the news flash: Those people are being just as flowery and promotional as you are. More to the point, you are bound to find something flawed. Finding these flaws and offering yourself as the solution is another sound telemarketing tactic that keeps you competitive.

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If people cast you as a villain, note that bad guys in stories have important roles too. There would not be a story without them any more than there would be if there was no good guy. What makes this better for you is that you could think of a lot more reasons for why your services will always be required. Do not worry about never getting any qualified sales leads if you increase that awareness with a good telemarketing strategy.