Sealing the deal is likely to be the main objective of telemarketers. Some usually go beyond of what they are expected to do while some will just leave it to lady luck. But what makes closing successful is trying to be and act like you are the boss of the company.


Everyone respects a boss that shows leadership, initiative and trust towards its employees. Plus, they have complete knowledge of the company. So why not act like a boss for once when you’re trying to seal the deal. As a former telemarketer, I could tell you one thing that makes telemarketing fun and worthwhile, and that’s to persuade and interact with clients or prospects.


I know some of you might think, why do we need to interact with them when we are only aiming for a Sale? Well, I guess you’re pretty much knowledgeable when it comes to telemarketing when you put it like that, but to brighten your knowledge. No one wants to be a telemarketer for so long, I know I wouldn’t. It’s not because I don’t want to, it’s because I love it so much that I wanted to get to know more about that certain person. Which isn’t in my job description and i might get in trouble for that.

Having the mindset to interact and get to know your prospects or clients might give you an edge to becoming a successful telemarketer or a successful businessman/woman. Sure, you’re into the sales because your company needs it, but remember that nothing is for sure. Everything is constantly changing and it never stop. It may take a week or months, but it will change.


When I was still a telemarketer, I always have this script right in front of me, memorized but still in front of me. So whenever I get a call, I say the script then prospects will hang up right before I could say “Are you interested in….” Hang up. No one wants to be rejected, even those who hanged up also experience being rejected. So why bother hanging up when you can have a conversation between a telemarketer and a businessman.  

Having a conversation about their company and your company might help you understand them and how you can show them that you are ready to help. Even though you aren’t the boss and you see yourself as JUST a telemarketer, just remember.

“If you see yourself as such, then why not try to excel on what you see in you?”