When you are using telemarketing in conjunction with event marketing, there are times when businesses use it in the same way classic villains use henchmen after inviting their own ‘investors.’ Obviously, that does not sound good and in fact, their telemarketing counterparts in real life will bring you nothing but trouble. But what exactly are these counterparts and how do you avoid using telemarketing that way by accident?

Three Ways Telemarketing Can Be Like A Villain’s Right Hand

Suppose you are a software vendor and would like to use outbound telemarketing to invite prospects to see something you have had in store for quite sometime. It could be a presentation on a new update or even a new product. Now asides from invitations, you can also use it for follow-ups which maximizes the interest you generated from your event (along with your software leads).

Telemarketing, Event Telemarketing, Lead GenerationTogether with that event, there are three ways you might end up using telemarketing lead generation as it were your own Oddjob:

  • Lying for spying – First, you use your telemarketing call to present your business under a false guise. This is not the same as using it for your own telephone survey. Rather, you deliberately have your telemarketers lie to your prospect that they are not working for you. After that, you end up using the information they obtained without their knowledge or consent.

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  • Inviting without warning – Instead of the courtesy of letting them know beforehand, you make the typical telemarketing mistake of calling without warning. Do not be surprised if this only results in a fewer attendees than you hoped. To avoid this, make sure your event telemarketing strategy is augmented with the means to let prospects know a call is coming their way.
  • ‘Punishing’ those who reject – After the event, you might find some prospects who simply just do not buy the whole thing. They criticize your product and wish to opt out. And while you seem to grant their quest, you decide to use telemarketing services afterwards to punish them by giving their information away to those who will spam their inbox and flood their voice mail.

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Everything from undercover agents to thugs that punish dissenters are typical roles that villainous henchmen play. But now, the above demonstrates how even an entire telemarketing service can singularly behave in the same manner. Make sure your software lead generation campaign does not resort to playing such a role!