It’s never an easy job to speak with someone you don’t know, chances are you’ll offend them or you’ll lose something great. In business, it’s never easy to engage to a conversation in which you’ll likely end up in a sale. Mostly you’ll end up being rejected or being left out in the blue, with the possible of being ignored in the future.

But you know, No matter how much you research about that company, you’ll never be able to make a sale if you don’t have the right tool for engaging, the art of Communication.

Have you watched the movie ‘The internship’? Where Vince Vaugh and Owen Wilson star in? Well if you have you better know why they won the internship in Google then. If you don’t, then here are some of their traits that can help you make a B2B sale just like what they did. So what are the traits should a Good Appointment Setter should have? Here are some that might get you a sale:images

  1. Don’t show any fear in you – where does this fear comes from? It comes from being rejected even though it hasn’t happen. It’s normal to be afraid, but when dealing with people, you must know that they are afraid too. Everyone is afraid to speak up, let alone doing business with someone who is still a stranger to us
  2. Be Charismatic in what you’re doing – When you’ve overcome your fear, and then this will be your second weapon, Charismatic. Who doesn’t love a charismatic person?
  3. Rejection can come and go – It’s fine if you got rejected, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed complete but rather you’ve gain a little bit knowledge on why you’re rejected by a customer.
  4. be honest – Well, honesty is the best policy right? But when it comes to sales you better be honest on what you want to say, but a little white lie can’t hurt do they?

Then again, there’s a reason why some appointment setter can engage a customer with their heads up high. It’s due to the fact that they are confident in what they are doing. On what they are going to say and how they will going to say it.

But keep it in mind that, some business owners are experienced when dealing with appointment setters that are A-Know-At-All. So keep it in mind that to do a business is to, research and practice the art of communication