Many people treat telemarketing like it is an black-and-white issue. One side is always evil and the other side is always good. Oddly enough, financial services get the same bad rep. Fortunately, this makes it easier to use telemarketing to generate financial services leads if you know how to turn your black-and-white perspective in to a spectrum of gray.

Using Telemarketing To Refine Your Sense Of Judgment

Telemarketing, B2B Telemarketing, Lead GenerationActually whether it is telemarketing, financial services or any other kind of business, seeing things in black-and-white is not healthy when passing judgment. In the specific case of telemarketing for financial leads, you need to avoid partisan thinking when you think it is either the industry playing the bad guy or its customers. There are cases where one side is guilty and in another, it would be the opposite.

Now when you are telemarketing financial prospects, the one thing you need to avoid is a certain knee-jerk reaction towards one side trying to garner your sympathy. That reaction is the assumption that they are trying to blur the issue. That is actually what you want because it allows you to finally understand why you need to treat every encounter on a case-to-case basis. Just because you are representing the financial services industry does not mean you are not called to impartiality. In the following are two sample scenarios where the role between villain and victim are switched:

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  • The industry victimizing the customer – From scamming the customer with bad investment advice to confusing them with obscure financial ‘facts,’ these are just some of the things a potential customer might say to your B2B telemarketing representative. It is in situations like this where you need to really stress your dedication to only ethical business practices, plus good enough proof for them to trust you instead.
  • The customer victimizing the industry – Not all customers however are keen on playing by the rules. The dangerous thing about them is that they are quick to play the victim card to their advantage. Make sure your telemarketing strategy is equipped with enough knowledge to know a crooked prospect when they see one.

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Do not also forget that there are cases when both parties have broken the rules to some extent. That is why, telemarketing or not, you should always be strictly objective when evaluating your prospects. A truly effective financial lead generation strategy presents your business as one willing to serve and unwilling to compromise. Start drawing your telemarketing strategy using a spectrum instead of just two colors!