lead generationWith the year nearly coming to a close, you may missed out on a lot of things due to having a busy schedule. Due all the work that needs to be done on a weekly basis, maybe you haven’t had time to brush up on other things that need to be done; you may not even have had the time to learn more about the current B2B marketing strategies.

So to help out our readers, we’ve compiled this little big list of the blog posts we have posted over the past year. Make use of these guides, tips and whatnot to help you brush up on B2B marketing, or even to help you plan for next year!

Here’s what we got for you.


Marketers often wonder why taking their event to social channels doesn’t get good results. Here’s how you can take a whack at fixing that problem.

Did you ever stop to think about if what you are paying for lead generation services is actually worth what you’re dishing out?

Your sales team could learn a thing or two from one of the fastest animals in the world: the cheetah!

Players of the popular FPS (first person shooter) game franchise will love this post about applying what you learn in Call of Duty into lead generation.

Some tips to help you with dealing with new staff within your telemarketing company.

If you run a telemarketing firm, then here’s a reason why you should definitely start blogging.


Ever hear of the saying “don’t stir up the hornet’s nest”? Well, we apply that to when you do lead generation in this post.

Who would have thought that the behavior gamers exhibit could be applied into doing lead generation for business?

Here are some tips which we came up with after having a talk with one of our company’s resident male fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


Want to learn how to succeed through failure? This is definitely a read you shouldn’t miss.

Marketers have always wondered how to properly use social media in lead generation. Want to learn how?

Just because cold calling is has the word “cold” in it doesn’t mean that your business leads have to be cold as well.

There are 2 things that matter when you do B2B telemarketing: accuracy and results.