lead generation, sales leadsIf you’re marketing to just one big demographic then your marketing plans aren’t going to be attracting the kinds of customers you want to be drawing to your company. In lead generation, it is important that you market yourself to not just the right demographic but to the right individuals as well. As such, marketing is all about knowing who your target market and individuals are – it’s time to realize the necessity of buyer personas.

Marketers who are just starting out may not realize the importance and influence that buyer personas have over their marketing campaigns. Targeting to large demographics isn’t exactly something that doesn’t work, however, when you are doing B2B marketing then it becomes not so effective. You need to know what type of customer you want to be targeting so you can help ease along the process of generating sales leads and nurturing them down your funnel!

How do you create a buyer persona?

In order to find out what your buyer personas are then it is important that you know your customers. Why? Because what you will be analyzing is what made your customers go from just browsing to making a purchase.

So who should you be taking a look at? The answer is your current customers.

Take note of customer behavior as you guided them along your sales funnel. What were key indicators that a sale was going to take place? How did you engage them that made them want to learn more? What did you offer which got a positive reaction from your customers? Asking these types of questions will help you analyze your data and profile your customers, all helping you to create your buyer personas.

Putting those personas to work.

Once you have created your buyer personas, you will be able to incorporate what you have learned into the creation of your marketing offers. This allows you to create better landing pages, more effective email marketing offers, better telemarketing call scripts – you get the idea. You will be using your buyer personas more and more as a basis for the creation of effective lead generation tactics for your business.

When it comes to lead generation, having and knowing your buyer personas is certainly very helpful. Who doesn’t want to be able to generate good leads from their target market, better yet, convert their ideal customers into sales leads? Buyer personas are effective in marketing and a necessity in lead generation.