telemarketing company, lead generation telemarketingWe just found out that one of our posts was taken as a reference by a list company known as Contact DB. And well, we’re pretty happy that they decided to link back to us. So, as a little thank you to them, we’re going to be using their post as a reference for the topic of this blog post. So, are you ready to read about how popular media can help in your B2B marketing efforts?

Referenced content: Popular Media in B2B Marketing – The Wonder of Internet Memes

The internet has become a valuable resource over the years. Businesses have gone from purely offline entities to becoming ones that exist on both fronts: online and offline. As such, even how we market has seen various changes. It’s no longer just about trying to get a sale, it’s now about trying to provide the best service possible and pleasing our clients with them. That being said, we need to appeal to the better nature of our clients.

The question presents itself: how the heck do you make use of popular media in telemarketing? Because if you think about it there doesn’t really seem to be a relation between internet memes and other popular media when it comes to lead generation telemarketing. However, we can always find answers to questions we ask ourselves. So, let’s start by saying that…

Blogging is a resource. Even to a telemarketing company blogging is an important thing. It helps in content marketing, and well, it helps in SEO and in providing clients and prospects with relevant material they can digest. As such, it is important to post up content that can capture the eyes of people in the market, and for it is for this reason that popular media such as internet memes are useful. So, here are some things to focus on:

Content is STILL king – In keeping a company blog, content is still really what determines the impact it could have on your company. So, if you want your company blog to become part of how you can attract more prospects and potential customers, then focus highly on your content! And well, since internet memes are already widespread and well-known all over the interwebs, you can guess the kind of effect it would have when you incorporate them into your blog posts.

Image SEO – Pictures help catch the attention of prospects and clients. Internet memes, since they are so well-known, serve as something to make people double-back and actually read your blog posts. If you use your memes right, then more people will most likely read your content and stay on your page longer, thus also affecting your bounce rate. However, pictures also serve as tools for SEO: image SEO. You can add keywords to your pictures so that they appear in image searches, and even add links on them so when clicked they redirect to another page on your site.

Social media – Internet memes, and other such media, are all part of social media. So, if you’re doing social media marketing, then using memes for your online ads and blog posts can help you out in your efforts. Memes, when used wisely, can potentially spread like wildfire and can help propel your blog posts and articles to the top of search engine results pages, and hopefully help them get shared by your prospects and clients.

Internet memes may not be the most conventional things to use for B2B marketing, however, they do function on a viral-marketing scale and can help to up your visibility in the eyes of your target market. What’s your take on using popular media such as memes in B2B marketing?