There is a lot that you can do with your sales leads that can make an impact on consumer behavior. See, being part of merchant services, you have that unique position between a paying customer and another business. You should be asking yourself if your desire for sales leads could indirectly contribute to bad shopping habits.

You Might Spawn Shopaholics From Being Shopaholic With Your Sales Leads

Sales Leads, Merchant Sales Leads, Lead GenerationNow you can argue that any business (not just merchant services) needs sales leads in ways unlike shopaholics have false needs for brand shoes, electronics, cars or whatever luxury the socialite cliché demands. How can you be so sure though? You need sales yes but when was the last time you took a hard look at how you convert sales from your sales leads?

  • Who are your merchant services leads? – Start with the businesses you cater to. Are they being just a little bit greedy when it comes swiping their customer’s credit cards? Do you start qualifying sales leads from the basics (like the need to ease customer purchases) or do you go straight for those who want advice on getting customers to spend?
  • Do you just leave these sales leads alone? – What have you been doing once these sales leads have been qualified and closed? Have you been just letting them run free with getting more customers to make even bigger purchases?

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  • Are you aware of any actual abuses occurring? – As always in financial services, there are terms of services and agreements that need signing. Have you been looking the other way when it comes to some of your sales leads turning out to be bad eggs? You should know that will spell bad news for your business integrity.

While you may define your merchant sales leads based on the needs of prospects, there are other things besides the necessity  to make more customers pay. Some of these needs can involve the security of these payments. There are needs that revolve around smoother transactions instead of the sheer volume of them.

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Finally, even your own prospects can have a need based on controlling the wild spending behavior of their customers. It could be for reasons like bad history or their local reputation but the need itself remains the same. Your sales leads do not have to encourage bad shopping habits. Why not redirect your B2B lead generation strategy to help those who want less spending all around instead of more?