As we are in the information age, businesses are now more in a race to beat prospects at the knowledge game compared to their competitors. It’s one reason why direct marketing tactics like email, direct mail, and telemarketing are facing a tremendous challenge in particular. How do you beat someone who looks up every resource possible before you do? Whether its search engines or social media influences, gone are the days when you can underestimate the knowledge that reaches prospect ears.

But of course, it isn’t entirely hopeless. Even today, online research has the same flaws of credibility and lack of peer review which leads many scholars to discourage a purely online set of references.

You can say this is the sort of ‘crack’ that the likes of telemarketing services can slip through in order to get of prospects when it comes to knowledge. Of course, this will also require them to adopt certain aspects of online marketing so it’s not about going to doing things ‘the old-fashioned way’.

Use SEO to determine research habits

Google certainly enjoys making the field of SEO marketing a living, breathing playing field that drives website marketers crazy. However, knowing what your target market often searches for can help you search it yourself.

Often times, the conventional wisdom is to use keywords and other forms of SEO data to improve rankings. What about just simply using the current results as a reflection of customer knowledge? Sure, you can just switch from telemarketing services to SEO (an expensive move that might be) or you can see what is actually missing and use your telemarketers to share that.

Ignorance ties with fear

Okay so what does this little bit of guru wisdom have to do with telemarketing the unknown? Precisely that, you are sharing something that is not well-known. Even if you managed to call a decision maker and successfully convince them that they don’t know enough to buy a solution to a business problem, they still may not meet you. Why?

It’s because they’re afraid.

Everyone is afraid of what they don’t know. You wouldn’t be going out there finding ways to generate new business leads, beat your competitors, or understand customer demands if you already knew it all.

If they don’t know enough to create a solution, your real goal isn’t to prove them wrong. That only adds to their fear. Your goal is make sure your solution helps them overcome that fear.

Don’t just call the salesperson

Just because the B2B sales process is long doesn’t mean you should throw all responsibility to one person. It’s the complete opposite. Yes, it’s the job of the salespeople to do all the hard negotiating, presenting, and problem solving but what makes you think prospects want to go through with that?

What if they want answers right then and there? Sometimes it’s better if your telemarketers were equipped with more information because a salesperson cannot always be immediately available for a hot transfer.

The phrase, ‘tell me something I don’t know’ has been seeing more frequent use because more people are knowledgeable in the age of information. Answering that challenge though, while difficult, isn’t impossible. There are cracks in today’s popular sources and tactics like telemarketing still have a chance by being the only alternative.