Surely, you’ve encountered a prospect that took a liking to your service or product and when they come to meet you, they’ll back out at the last minute. And I know for a fact that this irritates you to the point that you’ll bad mouth this prospect.

After your moment of “Anger” the only thing that is left to do is, answer this question, Why did this prospect back down at the last minute? Well, there are a lot of reasons why, but I’ll give you the most three common reasons of them all and the most unthinkable reasons.

1.)   They got the cold feet– Surely an experienced marketer or businessman can have the “Cold Feet” once in a while. It doesn’t mean their professionalism will be ruined. But what makes their professionalism ruin is not showing up even though they have the “Cold Feet”

2.) They have an important company meeting – Surely, this is understandable. But if they didn’t call you in advance or an hour before the meeting, then it means that they don’t see your business as important as the rest of their business out there.

3.) Doubting your company – This is a normal, everyone doubts something. In this case, it’s your company. Maybe they’ve received or found a review before the meeting. Who knows, maybe they believe that review and decided to not show up.

This is three common reasons why they couldn’t make it and there’s the worst of why they didn’t attend the meeting agreed.

1.)   They found out your company is a fraud or caught in a fraud act – This got to be the worst reason why prospects don’t want you around anymore or for that matter every company who are prospecting your company.

It’s tough when your company is caught in the act of being a fraud or being pinpointed that you are in fact a fraud company. So you better be honest in what you do and hire someone who can make your company look good.