b2b event telemarketingIf you have a party in mind, how would you go about inviting people? Text blasting? Calling your acquaintances? E-mail? Or through the power of social media like Facebook or Twitter? Or even through the power of word-of-mouth?

The point is that you need to get your message across a certain group effectively or your party will be a huge flop.

In a similar sense, if you own a business and would want to get people to attend a certain event, you would need the right method to reach your target audience. In this case, b2b event telemarketing may be the key to your problems.


Simply put, b2b event telemarketing is just a way of cold calling other businesspeople to join your event. Through the power of speedy calling, you can tell them about your upcoming:

  • conferences

  • seminars

  • trade shows

  • webinars

  • corporate events

  • even breakfast meetings

Sounds easy enough since you are just going to pick up the phone and start calling people in your list, right? Hold your horses; it is not THAT easy at all. Do you think that all the people in your contact list will just instantly say Yes to your invitation? Well, think again.


The first step to any b2b event telemarketing campaign is to get a reliable contact database. After all, you can not just punch in random number on the phone and hope to get someone that might be interested.

Once you have your database, your next (and probably the most tasking) challenge is to get them interested about your upcoming event. It does not simply take a normal statement like “Hey, can you come to my conference?” without properly addressing their needs. Do not worry, you are not going to sell anything… yet.


If you have the time, you can do proper research on a particular prospect. This way, you can deliver your message by stating something like, “We understand your need for…” and then move in for the kill (so to speak).

If you cannot handle the entirety of your b2b event telemarketing campaign, you can always outsource it to seasoned professionals. B2B telemarketing call centers can take charge of your campaign for you to effectively seize interests from a targeted audience. (More on outsourced services by clicking here).

B2B event telemarketing methods may be easy to say but can be difficult to implement. It can be arduous but it is most certainly not impossible. Taking things one step at a time is vital to the success of the campaign. Doing things too brazenly can lead the course will deviate into acquiring its supposed fruitful completion. On the off chance, doing it too slow will also have some negative effects to it (like not meeting the required number of attendees).

Bottom line is that if you want to deal with b2b event telemarketing, you have to do it right to get your desired results.