If you’ve seen the much-awaited fourth installment of Jurassic Park, a roller-coaster (or should I say, dinosaur-filled) ride of thrill movie Jurassic World, then you already have that massive and lethal Indominus Rex in mind. Just past looking at the modified dino, the theme park was actually a fun experience.

It’s actually pretty agreeable when I say that the threatening dino could be compared to your B2B leads. But hey, you want that load of potential sales, right? Of course you do, it’s the negative after-effects that you don’t want. Then again, when B2B leads are flowing in your pipeline, tendencies are they’re too much to handle and it sends a ripple effect to your prospecting.

That’s where the theme park loses it’s fun. If you’re not chasing the bad sales leads, you’re most likely getting chased by unqualified leads that can be too much for your marketers. Now you might be thinking, this is where Owen Grady comes in handy.

Call for an expert’s aid

It doesn’t necessarily mean getting an outside help. Your B2B marketers can be your experts. Who else could’ve handled a part-raptor dino than a raptor trainer himself? You have your whole team of B2B marketers and salespeople to qualify your leads, it all comes to their expertise to manage and qualify your leads.

It only takes a smart move

There’s always that prospect who seem to be behaving rather crazy or even just clever that your B2B marketers may not be prepared to face just yet. There could be endless types of prospects and that could only mean a bunch of colorful personalities. Instead of wasting the opportunity of closing a deal, prepare yourself to such instances with a smart move.

Your B2B leads are smart too

B2B marketing is a two-way street and it only works when two ends meet. While you’re thinking of something smart to have your dino of leads flow through your funnel, don’t expect they are going to mindlessly follow. If you are keen on qualifying your leads, so are they.