No one alive today has no enemies. Even when we think we’re all buddy-buddy with everyone in our life, you never know who’s just waiting to lay down an attack on you when you least expect it. Luckily though, that’s not the same problem that your software telemarketing campaign faces, although it does have a few enemies here and there.

In getting to where you are today, are you sure that you haven’t stepped on someone? Even if your memory would serve you correctly, maybe someone just felt wronged as you paved your way towards opening your own software business – medical software, hr software, payroll software, accounting software, SAP, Oracle, SAGE. As said above though, that’s not the kind of problems you face when you employ cold calling as part of your strategy.

Your inside sales campaign will see an assortment of baddies, the likes of which probably even Batman wouldn’t be willing to face. Okay, once again over-exaggerating, but who doesn’t love a good caped-crusader comparison?

Telemarketing, Software Telemarketing, Lead GenerationHere are your outbound telemarketing campaign’s worst enemies:

Enemy #1: Language barriers.

No matter what you do you can never avoid having to deal with language barriers at certain points in your campaign? Although English is the so-called universal language nowadays, we’ll somehow still come across people that just don’t know how to speak it, or know to little to communicate through it.

Why it’s an enemy:

Just imagine your team being composed of th best and brightest employees you could hire. You ready them up with knowledge about your software, and you test them out – the results are awesome, of course. Now, once they finally get to cold calling, you realize one serious flaw: none of them speak any other languages. What else could go wrong? Let’s say you’re dialing into Japan, a place where you really need to speak the language. An unlikely scenario, you say? Unlikely, but still possible. The language barrier will keep you from being able to generate leads through telemarketing.

Enemy #2: Other IT firms.

If you think you’re all alone in the IT industry, well, that’s a wrong train of thought to be living with. You probably offer a unique set of products and excellent services – your competitor is offering the same thing, maybe even better. And because IT is such a booming thing, you know that you’ll always have competitors here and there to look out for.

Why it’s an enemy:

The aim of your IT lead generation campaign, and one of the main reasons you employed the use of telemarketing, is to generate IT sales leads. The problem? Your competitors are trying to do the same thing. You can say that you have the phone on your side, but who’s to say that they aren’t doing the same thing? In the world of telemarketing and cold calling, it is important to understand that it’s like a mini-race – you need to get to your prospects first before someone else does. If you get beaten, even when it’s just a phone call, you could lose them to your competitors. It’s just like when a villain kidnaps the hero’s love interest, except with more business and less crime fighting.

There you have it – your IT telemarketing campaign’s 2 worst enemies! You aren’t going to need some sort of ray gun to stop them though, all it takes is your own knowledge in crafting even better marketing strategies and approaches.