software telemarketing, inside sales, appointment setting, software lead generation, SAP leads, medical software leadsWhen you do lead generation, especially when software telemarketing is your method of choice, credibility serves to be a very important thing. When you market your software products and other services through the phone, getting the trust of your prospects is of the utmost importance; you are selling something valuable here – business software. Your prospects should be able to trust you words as well as your company.

Once prospects start trusting your software company it naturally becomes easier to attract new business as well as to generate new software sales leads, like SAP leads or medical software leads. But what about when you are calling prospects that hasn’t heard of your business yet? How are you to approach them?

The trick to successful software lead generation through telemarketing is to build your credibility when you make contact with your target prospects. Here are some tips to helping you do better in telemarketing and in sounding more credible.

1. Be ready all the time – Make sure that your telemarketers know everything about your product and your target market, as well as to what line of business your prospects are in. This helps your team be more confident when they are calling prospects because they have all the product knowledge and information they need to be able to have meaningful discussions with prospects. And obviously, this helps to make you sound more credible when you do cold calling.

2. Say your name and company name – We cannot forget the value that introductions have in telemarketing. I mean, why wouldn’t you mention your name and company name? That just makes you sound suspicious – less credible. Make sure that your inside sales representatives mention their names as well as your company name. This helps establish trust between you and your prospects, especially since they can just as easily look up your company through the Internet.

3. Improvise when calling – Want to know what prospects hate and what makes cold calls fail? Scripted telemarketers. A telemarketer that sticks word per word to what is on his/her call script is bound to make the call go down the drain. A call script serves as a good guide, however, sticking to it whole heartedly as the situation and prospect’s replies change isn’t going to help you win them over and sound credible. Prospects want to be talking to marketers who know what they are talking about and ones that can understand and control the situation.

4. Listen and empathise – One grave mistake that can cost you your call is to keep yammering away like a broken record. Prospects that you contact, especially those that have actual concerns, aren’t going to like it if your telemarketers are too busy talking to give them a chance to express themselves – and worse are the ones who don’t even get how the prospect feels. Give your prospects room to talk back and express their concerns, also make sure that you are able to understand their feelings in order to help you out with appointment setting.

Building credibility when doing telemarketing is about sounding like a professional. In software lead generation, your prospects aren’t going to want to work with your company if you aren’t trustworthy – you aren’t credible. As such, it is important that you build your credibility when you make cold calls to your potential customers.