Sales Leads List Management Services

We understand the concept of “garbage in, garbage out” and its implications on database management. If your database/sales leads list is a bit cluttered, then you tend to find your marketing campaign to be on the frustrating side, especially when sifting through your B2B leads. If you ever find yourself in this situation, then our sales leads list management services may just be what you need.

Implementing lead generation and appointment setting campaigns to keep your pipeline filled is one thing, keeping your sales leads list clean is another. Improperly managed leads databases can lead to inefficiency and a lack of data. Managing your database is not exactly a daunting task, however, it does consume valuable time and resources. Kick Start Sales Force helps you save on your very important time and resources so that you can allocate them elsewhere by letting us provide you with professional list management services including:

  • List Appending Services - fill your missing relevant information with updated email address, phone number, mailing address, complete name, etc.
  • List Cleansing / Scrubbing Services - replace outdated records with the most recent info while checking for spelling and removing duplicates.
  • List Segmentation Services / Customer Profiling – group your sales leads according to your specifications for a targeted marketing program.
  • List Verification / Validation Services - we verify your data through email and phone to enhance the validity of each contact info.

Do you have a large business database that needs cleansing and proper management? Talk to one of our reps for a free quote and proposal.