At Kick Start Sales Force, we provide lead generation solutions that stick with new business imperatives – more tailor-made & industry-specific, more focused on quality than on quantity, & less prone to failure. By understanding your unique requirements, we can create a program that generates sales leads with higher potential. By giving you only quality leads that pass industry benchmarks, we increase your chances of closing new contracts. And by dedicating a team that has a keen insight on your market, we take risks down to acceptable levels.

Our unique combination of skilled workforce, expertise, and technology reduces complexities when presenting you before targeted prospects. We create a talent pipeline organized into industry-specific teams. Through this, we can optimize our specialized insight to better address your objectives. For years, we have mastered different media and customer touch points. We have utilized telemarketing & email marketing to quickly reach interested prospects, follow-up on them, and schedule flexible sales appointments. Our own CRM tool gives you 24/7 access to monitor the campaign’s progress in real-time. Not to mention, our client support tirelessly answers beeps around-the-clock.

Kick Start Sales Force aims to help you:

  • Overcome lead generation challenges
  • Better market positioning
  • Reduce cost per lead
  • Get complete visibility into your campaign
  • Focus more on crucial projects
  • Mitigate risks involved in marketing
  • Speed up sales growth; and
  • Slim down overhead

We develop the most appropriate telemarketing services for your business. We place a strong focus on quality. Our culture is one  centered around continuous improvement. We are what you need for a successful lead generation program.

Let’s make business easier for you. Call us at 888-394-9722 or click here to contact us.