In B2B Marketing, you are not just going to nail down business by finding them their business partners, you also have to see that they keep a warm connections with each other. In short, B2B marketing is like a couple’s guidance counselor. Wait?

Did I just said guidance counselor?

Yeah. That is right.

Lead Nurturing Workflows

B2B marketing is like guiding two giants to keep each other engage in their business transactions.

Business industries nowadays are tough to handle because you have to take consideration of their cultural background, heritage, language, business goals etc. There are too much things to think of. But there is a quick small actions that is needed in order to make the two tied up.

Of course the other two must also take their side as well if they want their business continue running. What we usually do is to see the target industry of the one side. This is important like sending a mail to someone’s address. You don’t want your package ends up with the wrong recipient. So, we send relevant and tailored (edited and properly selected) information.

By doing this, each industries will likely to get their conversion up. We usually send five email templates to each industry that they can use in their end with other business partners.

  • Email 1: Send them relevant blogs.
  • Email 2: White papers, videos, checklists, guides, etc.
  • Email 3: Webinars, case studies, ebooks, how-to videos, etc.
  • Email 4:Demo, assessments, consultation, reviews, etc.

By basing these emails off of industry or specific topics of interest, you will provide your leads with valuable and relevant information.

Information such these will help your catered business in find more specified business partners. They will feel that you are truly helping them without a doubt.

Lead nurturing workflows must be the guiding and growing outline of many businesses specially B2B companies. Without pushing aggressively, anyone can move things the way they want it to be.