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Appointment Setting Tips – Speaking Human Requires Being Human

When was the last time you heard something like this?

“Don’t just speak human. Be human.”

It doesn’t have to be word for word but you’d normally expect this kind of rhetoric from the NGO or self-help guru crowd. You might think that it’s not all that connected to the practice of B2B marketing and lead generation right?

Well, what then is the point of speaking human to a very human audience?

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Your Appointment Setters Are Not Homeland Security

If you’re wondering how stupid you’d have to be to treat appointment setters this way, a quick skim through this Forbes article might be good food for thought.

Whether it’s terrorist group or a shady money launderer, there’s always a chance of running into what the article describes as ‘risky clients.’ Forget lack of budget or buy-in. The idea of accidentally pitching to a shady organization and selling them the tools of their black market trade is the stuff of marketing nightmares. Bad PR. Loss of trust. It’s everything you need to destroy any hopes of a future lead generation campaign.

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Appointment Setting Tips – Helping the New Guy in Sales

Sometimes the new guy isn’t just some intern working in the back office. Sometimes it’s a new member of your sales team. But like any new hire, there’s a typical chance that they need a lot of help working with your business’ older appointment setting process.

You might think that this could be due to your marketing strategy, the tasks you may (or may not) have outsourced, target industry etc. That’s partially correct. The other part though is that they could still freeze up when it’s their turn to finally meet a prospect (regardless of how good your marketing is).

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Appointment Setting Tips – Re-Establishing Credibility

Being wrong the first time can hurt customer trust and it makes it harder to acquire the same customer in your appointment setting campaigns.

This is bad for a number of reasons, the main one being you get more long-term sales if you invest in a long-term customer versus constantly generating new ones. Long-term, repeat customers require stronger trust.

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Recycling Your Appointment Setting Resources

When you think of the word recycling, you usually get a lot of icons in mind. Plastic. Paper. Can. Biodegradable. Non-biodegradable. Obviously this type of labeling is important because it helps you understand the process necessary for recycling a particular category.

What you may not know is that it’s also important when recycling other things besides trash. In your case, your appointment setting campaigns have plenty of leftover resources that need to be sorted out.

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When Appointment Setting Services Ask You to Get Specific

In the B2B world, the difference between sales and marketing is an idea that you almost learn on instinct. But sometimes knowing that difference does nothing but create tug-o-wars on what defines a lead or what defines a promising sales appointment.

It doesn’t go away even when you’ve outsourced your appointment setting services to another company. They still come back, asking you for any more specifications. Why is that? Could you really be any more specific? Does it really say more about marketers than it says about salespeople?

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Sales Appointment Setting – Betting On Both Sides of Competing Prospects

It’s conventional wisdom to stand behind your client and your prospect in the face of their own competition. Realistically speaking though, sometimes you just get so many in your sales appointment process that you end up getting rivals in whole sets!

How do you serve promise each one equally? Is it wise to hedge your bets on all of them? What if you’re outsourcing your appointment setting services? Would they want to qualify prospects who are out to get each other?

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Appointment Setting Tips – Avoid Other Ways of Intrusive Marketing

There’s no shortage of complaints about online advertising. In fact, they hearken back to the days when people complained just as much about telemarketers.

What really catches the eye however is that these two forms of marketing are centuries apart. Could it be that technology isn’t the silver bullet to the monster of intrusive marketing?

What exactly defines intrusive and in what other ways does it take form? Maybe it would make your job easier if you knew.

Not a real ad but it’s distracting no?

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How to Narrow the Marketing-Sales Gap in B2B Lead Management

About 73% of business sales leads directly transferred by marketing to sales are not yet qualified, and only half of the remaining 27% eventually end up being sales-ready. This massive inefficiency is, right now, both a cause and an effect of the great divide between sales and marketing when it comes to lead management.

But things don’t (or shouldn’t) have to be this way. Effective lead management needs a tight alignment between marketing and sales, and closing the gap between the two is certainly not impossible. While marketing and sales are two different functions, these aren’t totally unrelated activities, and you should focus on these common grounds as starting points to have the two working in tandem.

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The Cold Hard Truth in Doing Business Lead Generation

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lead generation, B2B telemarketing, sales leads, lead generation company, sales lead generation, business leads, IT leads, software leads, merchant services leads, health leads, cleaning leadsBy starting and running a business, you open yourself to a whole new world of opportunities. These opportunities can either help you succeed or, sadly, lead you to your downfall. If you play your cards right, however, you just may find yourself going down the path of being a successful business owner. If you want to bring your company to a profitable state, you may soon enough wrap your head around doing business lead generation. Once you do though, you may start getting some dreams of grandeur.

Dreaming big about your business, however, isn’t a bad thing. In fact, having such a goal will only help you think of ideas to help spur your company up the ladder. The problem is that when it comes to running a business failure is always around the corner. Being a business owner means that you are going to have to make decisions, and those decisions will either bring about positive or negative effects. Success, of course, will mean good things for your company. Failure, sadly, may just throw you back a few notches down that ladder you’re climbing. Continue reading…

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