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Lead Generation Tips – When Your Prospect Seems ‘Too Good for You.’

It’s something of a stupid romantic cliché but it can have a shocking relevance to B2B relationships as well. Some prospects look upon a particular service or product and deem themselves ‘too good’ to see any use for them.

A knee-jerk, if not all too emotional, reaction would be to dismiss such prospects as arrogant and choosy. However, should that always be the default response of your lead generation strategy?

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Sales Appointment Setting – Betting On Both Sides of Competing Prospects

It’s conventional wisdom to stand behind your client and your prospect in the face of their own competition. Realistically speaking though, sometimes you just get so many in your sales appointment process that you end up getting rivals in whole sets!

How do you serve promise each one equally? Is it wise to hedge your bets on all of them? What if you’re outsourcing your appointment setting services? Would they want to qualify prospects who are out to get each other?

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B2B Marketing Tips – Telling Your Own War Stories

What’s the essence of a war story? Is it the victory or the violence? Is it the old soldier telling it or is it the lessons war itself teaches?

It doesn’t have to be all that deep actually. The essence of a war story is experience. And like veterans, sometimes just telling your own experience can score you a lot of points in B2B marketing.

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Getting B2B Marketers Out of the March Mainstream

The month of March has been buzzing with a lot of things. You got NCAA March Madness. There was also the Oscars earlier this week. And of course, you can’t forget spring break!

Sadly B2B marketers remain stuck out of this mainstream which can be problematic when constantly trying to target active markets. There are perhaps a select few B2B markets that are prepped for your lead generation campaign but are they enough?

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Lead Generation Tips – Segment Across Time

The term market segmentation is self-explanatory. What isn’t would be the many strategies you can come up for it. Logically, a basic form of segmentation is to divide your target market into groups that have different types of needs. On the other hand, how about organizing them according to the seasons?

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When B2B Prospecting brings in More than One

It’s conventional wisdom to separate your work and your love life but apparently that didn’t stop a lot of successful business couples. However, when you learn that a prospect is in a similar situation, do you take part in any possible drama or can actually be a good lead for your salespeople?

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Breaking the old B2B Marketing Molds

Job-Search-GoalsNew Year’s resolutions tend to be two things for people. They’re either a) dreams, goals, and aspirations or b) something people make but just get sick of later on. It’s pretty sad that only 8% of those resolutions end up sticking. But for B2B marketers though, this isn’t a bandwagon you’d like to jump into. It doesn’t take an MBA to know that the stakes could be higher (hello sales numbers) and the pressure to adapt just keeps piling (just look at the chaos that’s hit SEO marketing in the previous year).

So clearly, you need to make resolutions that are more fact-based but at the same time prepared to see those facts change. As a start, one old habit you need to ditch right now is sticking too hard to what’s not working anymore. Try the following resolutions to break those old molds: Continue reading…

4 Last-Minute Gift-Giving Tips to Make Your Prospects Really Happy

Christmas just passed. That’s bad news for marketers that are still wrapping up their prospect gift lists for the holidays. But if you happen to be one of, don’t worry. These four last-minute tips will help you find the kind of gifts your prospects can’t wait to open — and you won’t have to join the holiday power rush either.

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Telemarketing Tips – Getting Past Hellish Gatekeepers

Here’s the solution straight out. If you think you’re going past hellish gatekeepers, it’s because you’re already assuming you’re taking a trip to the underworld.

Now try seeing that from your prospect’s perspective. Do you think they find it flattering to be treated like Hades or are they just playing along because they know that’s how you obviously view them?

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