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Is it Time to Shake-up Your Marketing Strategy?

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The Quantitative Guide in measuring your Team’s Sales Performance

There are hundreds or even thousands of resources out there that promise to make your sales reps better, faster, and stronger.  Ultimately, they consists of tips and tricks, call scripts, subject line suggestions, and more. We know that a lot of you read this article and share it with your teams.

But when it’s all said and done, how do you determine if your sales reps have actually improved? Continue reading…

How Big Games Demonstrate What Can Go Wrong With Your B2B Leads

There are a lot of totally obvious reasons to watch a big game until its conclusion. You saw it during the NBA Finals. You’re seeing it again in this year’s FIFA World Cup. Big games like this are one of the best examples of how the start of something doesn’t necessarily reflect its conclusions.

Ever had the same thing happen to your B2B leads? A customer looks interested, they were eager to talk to your sales reps. But gradually, things start looking difficult. Unexpected problems arise. The next thing you know, your sales rep failed to close it.

What’s funny is the tendency to see it from just the perspective of the start or the finish. This is not the best way to analyze the quality of B2B leads. Just as the most exciting games are those where competitors are neck-in-neck, your best marketing experiences are those that leave you analyzing every single step.

Continue reading…

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