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Sales Leads and The Quest Board

Some people believe that there should only be one kind of sales rep. While this kind of view has its perks, it can be a bit unrealistic for other organizations.

It’s like you’re one of those medieval fantasy guilds and there’s an adage going around saying there’s only one good type of adventurer. If that were true though, you’d think your sales leads would be like the same kind of quest on the quest board.

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Social Sales Leads and Social Impact

Social justice is a hot button word and it’s not your fault that you constantly keep your distance for fear alienating a possible portion of your target market.

But when it’s caught up with your campaign to generate sales leads from social media, how do you keep from getting caught between a rock and a hard place?

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Turning Appointment Setting into a Self-Help Session

You may not be a shrink but turning a sales appointment into a self-help session is a lot more reasonable than the typical Mad Men approach that’s colored B2B marketing and sales. Whether it’s throwing in a hotline in your appointment setting process to regular check-ups by your lead generators, it’s all in line with what is commonly advised by many B2B marketing experts.

Then again, is it?

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Appointment Setting Tips – Helping the New Guy in Sales

Sometimes the new guy isn’t just some intern working in the back office. Sometimes it’s a new member of your sales team. But like any new hire, there’s a typical chance that they need a lot of help working with your business’ older appointment setting process.

You might think that this could be due to your marketing strategy, the tasks you may (or may not) have outsourced, target industry etc. That’s partially correct. The other part though is that they could still freeze up when it’s their turn to finally meet a prospect (regardless of how good your marketing is).

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Lead Generation Tips – Joining Your Buyer’s Journey

As more information becomes available online, buyers are growing more and more firm when making their buying decisions. This has led to a strong yet quiet movement among B2B and B2C markets alike towards respect for those decisions.

Both Hubspot and Marketing interactions have confirmed the growing power of the buyer way before they even walk through the lead generation process. But when your influence is reduced to that of a casual observer, what other role can you play in your buyer’s journey? Is it truly just the buyer calling the shots or do you have a choice yourself?

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Want to Rush for Sales Leads? Get a Bigger Basket

All B2B marketers want sales leads. It’s what pays their bills, pays their company’s bills, and shows that all their hard work is paying off.

It’s not surprising that, when you’re getting the good hang of it, you start pushing for a higher production.

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Lead Generation Tips – Monitor Symptoms of Sales Stress



Some sales people thrive on the stress of an incoming deadline and it’s a skill that can take one to higher positions in business. But for others, particularly those at the bottom, stress at work may have harmful effects. How do you manage your lead generation campaign to benefit either one? Answer: Watch for the signs.

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Prepping Your Lead Generation Campaign with Referral Trust

Referrals are one of today’s popular drivers of marketing success. You could even say that word-of-mouth is the ideal connecting point between your clients and services. Its capacity to inspire trust in your brand is heaven sent for the marketers who need it most.

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