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Why Software Companies Definitely Need Lead Generation

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lead generation, software leads, B2B telemarketing, software leadsMany software companies are capable of creating products and offering unique services to clients within their target markets. However, even if they offer the best of the best, it would still be all for nothing if they had no means of generating the software leads they need to bring in the money. What’s a software firm to do when there’s no way to do software lead generation?

So why do software companies need lead generation? To generate leads of course! Through a businesses marketing tactics it will be able to acquire business leads. And the more they get leads, a portion of that translates into sales, and sales of course mean money that any business needs to keep operating. So what other reason could there be as to why software companies definitely need lead generation? Here is one… Continue reading…

IT Product Launch? Get Invites with Event Telemarketing!

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event telemarketing, lead generation, IT sales leadsYou’ve probably been slaving away for months as you strive to perfect the IT product you are about to release out into your target market. Through all of those months, you have invested a lot of time and money to meet your deadlines and get your product ready for its launch. You may have even decided to invest into having an event to help you generate IT sales leads.

Events, however, do not just magically get filled with people. And since it would be the launching of your product, you don’t want to be stuck on stage with no one listening to that speech you probably spent hours on completing! If you want to be able to get people to go to your event, and to hopefully generate new customers from it, then you are going to have to invest not just in your product launch event but in how you can get people from your target market to go to it as well. Continue reading…

Kick Start Sales Force – Lead Generation Weekly #2

lead generation, sales leadsHello folks, and welcome to the year 2013! We are still in the early part of January as well as it being the start of the first business quarter of this year. And because it is a new year, it means that it is a great time to renew the vigor of our marketing tactics and breathe life into our lead generation campaigns.

Our marketing and lead generation tactics are what will help us to keep on attracting new customers, convert them into business leads which then translate into sales. As such, it is important that we always know about the best steps to take to turn our campaigns into effective lead attractors. Continue reading…

The Necessity of Buyer Personas in Lead Generation

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lead generation, sales leadsIf you’re marketing to just one big demographic then your marketing plans aren’t going to be attracting the kinds of customers you want to be drawing to your company. In lead generation, it is important that you market yourself to not just the right demographic but to the right individuals as well. As such, marketing is all about knowing who your target market and individuals are – it’s time to realize the necessity of buyer personas.

Marketers who are just starting out may not realize the importance and influence that buyer personas have over their marketing campaigns. Targeting to large demographics isn’t exactly something that doesn’t work, however, when you are doing B2B marketing then it becomes not so effective. You need to know what type of customer you want to be targeting so you can help ease along the process of generating sales leads and nurturing them down your funnel! Continue reading…

Creating Lead Generation Tactics That Penetrate

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lead generation, appointment setting, sales lead generationAs a marketer, you want to make sure that your plans for lead generation don’t go down the drain. After all, generating more leads means more chances of making a sale. The more sales you get, the more you will be able to help your company grow. As such, it is important that whatever it is your planning to do in order to achieve effective lead generation should work for your business.

Back in the day, marketers turned heavily to the use of traditional marketing methods: direct mail marketing, print media, TV and radio ads and even B2B telemarketing in order to generate sales leads for their companies. Today, however, marketers are seeing new possibilities in the world of B2B lead generation. Continue reading…

Effective & Cost-Efficient Lead Generation Through Outsourcing

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lead generation, business to business leads, lead generation companiesWhen we talk about lead generation, we usually start wondering whether it would be best to have it done in-house or whether to outsource. Well, such a decision is not an easy one to make as you put a valuable investment on the line. This time, however, let’s focus on what you can get from choosing to outsource your lead generation campaign to a third party provider.

Lead generation is, as the name implies, about the generation of interested business prospects called leads. And as the business world grows more and more saturated with new businesses, the race to find new clients and customers becomes an ever bigger one. Your company may be selling the same thing that another company is selling thus you target the same market and will thus want the same type of leads. Continue reading…

Kick Start Sales Force – Lead Generation Weekly #1

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lead generation, sales leadsLead generation is always an interesting topic. Over the years, how businesses generate their leads have changed. Some have chosen to stick to more traditional methods, although adding a little bit of their own spice and flair into it. Others have chosen to take to the Internet and heavily make use of digital marketing to get new sales leads.

So as the lead generation playing field changes, you need to keep yourself updated with what’s going on in the business world. If you don’t keep yourself up-to-date then chances are you’ll be missing out on some good opportunities to help your business generate more sales leads; you will be missing out on learning a thing or two about how to have an effective lead generation strategy. Continue reading…

End of the World? Ready Your Lead Generation Emergency Plan!

lead generation, B2B telemarketing, sales leadsDecember 21, 2012 marks the end of the Mayan long count calendar. As such, plenty of Internet hoaxes and people have begun to associate it with the end of the world as we know it. Some even believe, to a sometimes ludicrous extent, that an unknown planet called Nibiru is going to make contact with the Earth during that time. Well, if the “end of the world” is drawing near, it’s time to start plan your lead generation emergency solution!

Much like how our Calendar ends on the 31st of December, the Mayan long count calendar ends on the 21st of December this year of 2012 and begins a new. As such, we can safely assume that, as well as being confirmed by many scientists, that the world is not going to end. Whew! Great news, huh? But even if the end of the world is avoidable, and maybe still billions of years beyond our time, your business isn’t safe from its own “end of the world”. Continue reading…

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