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How to Generate B2B Leads While Moving to Another Space

In business, there’s always a possibility of making a large move to another space. It could be something as permanent as relocating a branch. It could also be as temporary as fewer updates on your personal blog because you’ve announced your presence at an upcoming convention.

But in either case, it should never be a cause to stop generating B2B leads. Any day not spent trying to cultivate those leads is a day those leads could go to a competitor. What are the best ways to keep them solid and sales-ready even as you plan to make a big move? Continue reading…

Should Online Lead Generators Prepare for the Future or Prepare to Defy It?

This question is a little bold, if not outright blasphemous for those who praise technological innovation in business. But when companies like Google continue to foreshadow more radical changes to the online marketing dynamic, it’s really a question worth asking.

Are lead generators prepared for a day when their properties compete purely on their expertise? Is the threat of online monopoly on information so great that you’d rather defy it instead? There are no easy answers to the question that the future now poses.

No harm in trying though.

Continue reading…

Lead Generation Tips – When Your Prospect Seems ‘Too Good for You.’

It’s something of a stupid romantic cliché but it can have a shocking relevance to B2B relationships as well. Some prospects look upon a particular service or product and deem themselves ‘too good’ to see any use for them.

A knee-jerk, if not all too emotional, reaction would be to dismiss such prospects as arrogant and choosy. However, should that always be the default response of your lead generation strategy?

Continue reading…

Sales Lead Generation Tips – Treat B.A.N.T. like a Landscape

Finding the qualities of B.A.N.T. is no longer the main job of sales reps. The task has gradually transferred to the B2B marketers, demand generators, and other upper areas of your sales lead generation funnel.

Continue reading…

B2B Lead Generation Tips – Damage Control Lessons from TMNT (Part 1)

By now, you’ve probably heard plenty about the mixed reception the new Ninja Turtles movie’s been getting. Chances are, plenty of it was the result of out of marketing completely letting things run wild. (Case in point: the insistent highlighting of Michael Bay’s name.)

Luckily the fiasco teaches plenty of ninjutsu lessons on quick damage control. In this two-part series, you can learn how the style can work for your own lead generation campaign.

Continue reading…

Sales Lead Generation and Football Fallbacks

Google’s Doodle is back to normal. Twitter’s put down the hashflags. It looks like it’s going to be business as usual on the internet now that the World Cup’s over.

And if your lead generation campaign has been riding these waves, it might be high time to change course. But where to next? If you’re struggling with this question, you might be like the many who neglected to have a fallback.

Continue reading…

When should B2B Marketers Give Explanations?

If you’ve dealt with any sort of salesperson, you’ll find that there’s a very subtle difference between making a good explanation and finding the right time for it. However, where can B2B marketers chip in so that job doesn’t get too difficult?

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