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Is it Time to Shake-up Your Marketing Strategy?

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Should Business Change just for a Sale?

Change is inevitable, we can’t stop but we can go with the flow. Change isn’t bad when it comes to lifestyle and business. Yes, we all struggle to reinvent what we already have, what we already handed out and what we are. But it isn’t bad to create a new idea from those bad ideas that was turn down by many critics from the past.

I bet you all know what McDonalds did a few weeks back, Just so you know, they resurrected the long decease Hamburglar into a new Hambuglar. Yes, we can all do that, but the problem with doing that is, People who knows your business and grew up with it might reject the idea of revamping the lost character who they loved back then. But hey, at least you know the consequences of your ideas, right? Continue reading…

Appointment Setting Tips – Disguise Your Value Proposition

What’s one appointment setting problem that often puts a dead halt in any possible engagement? Irrelevant content. People don’t want to engage when they don’t even take a second glance at the email you sent or the call you made.

Then again, there’s just so much to know about your business that summing it up in a single subject line seems impossible!

So here’s an alternative: Disguise your value proposition.

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How to Narrow the Marketing-Sales Gap in B2B Lead Management

About 73% of business sales leads directly transferred by marketing to sales are not yet qualified, and only half of the remaining 27% eventually end up being sales-ready. This massive inefficiency is, right now, both a cause and an effect of the great divide between sales and marketing when it comes to lead management.

But things don’t (or shouldn’t) have to be this way. Effective lead management needs a tight alignment between marketing and sales, and closing the gap between the two is certainly not impossible. While marketing and sales are two different functions, these aren’t totally unrelated activities, and you should focus on these common grounds as starting points to have the two working in tandem.

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Lead Generation Tips – Know What It Does Not Cover

Never forget the old fact that lead generation is only one among several other important processes in a business. Businesses in healthcare for example know that it will take more than a large database of interested prospects to actually keep operations going. Their lead generation services are not responsible for things like the actual maintenance of hospital equipment or conducting actual medical tests.

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4 Situations When B2B Sales Leads Need to be Called Up First

Telemarketing is now evolving as a lead response tool and is becoming more of an inbound channel. However, there are specific situations where outbound telemarketing is the ideal way to reach B2B sales leads. At certain points in campaigns relying heavily on direct marketing channels, calling business leads first is the only reasonable option.

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Get Health Leads By Putting Yourself In A Prospect’s Shoes

Sales leads are born from understanding the needs of a prospect and seeing an opportunity for your sales to offer a solution. For example, if you are offering some kind of support to medical institutions, you will need medical sales leads that indicate an urgent need for what you have (be it medical supplies, management, consulting etc). However, different needs can also arise from different situations that you need to put yourself in.

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