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The Importance of Relationships in IT Lead Generation

  • A Freight Forwarding Company’s Lead-to-Sales Guide

    A Freight Forwarding Company’s Lead-to-Sales Guide

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lead generation, IT sales leads, telemarketing, IT lead generation, web hosting leads, cloud computing leads, IT outsourcing leads, IT consulting leads, IT telemarketing,  IT services leads, business leadsBusinesses that lack their own IT departments will find that they will be unable to streamline their work flow and increase the efficiency at which they work. This, luckily, can be remedied simply by choosing to create their own in-house IT department, or to choose to outsource to an outside IT firm. So when you are an IT business that is seeking to provide your services to your target prospects, it is important to remember that building relationships is the key to successfully getting web hosting leads, IT outsourcing leads, cloud computing leads, IT outsourcing leads and other business leads.

Relationships are important for every business especially when they want to close deals with other companies. Why? That is because people build relationships with people, not businesses. Also, from the perspective of an everyday person, wouldn’t you be more inclined to buy from someone who you have a working relationship with? As such, it is best to nurture your IT services leads early on in your campaign so that they move down the sales funnel and eventually become sales ready in the future. Continue reading…

Outsourcing IT Lead Generation to Third World Countries

  • To Outsource, or not to Outsource? Choosing in-house Telemarketing

    To Outsource, or not to Outsource? Choosing in-house Telemarketing

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lead generation, IT services leads, appointment setting, lead generation company, telemarketing company, web hosting leads, telecom sales leads, telemarketingIT companies that need their own lead generation programs but do not have the resources to have it done in-house turn to the services of third parties. However, at times, lead generation firms within their own locale may just not be as affordable as they think they would be. As such, companies that need lead generation services turn to look elsewhere.

Local lead generation firms may not have the prices you are looking for. When a company needs to cut back on costs, however, or when they just do not have the resources to do in-house lead generation, outsourcing is the only viable option available to them. But as said above, what can you do when even local rates just do not seem to be within your budget? Continue reading…

Kick Start Sales Force – Lead Generation Weekly #3

  • Early or Qualified B2B Leads?

    Early or Qualified B2B Leads?

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lead generation, event telemarketing, IT sales lead generation, b2b lead generation, IT leadsWhere were you last week? Were you at home, spending time with the wife and kids, or maybe vacationing in the Bahamas? Once your well-deserved time to yourself is over, however, you eventually wind up back in your office. When that happens, you’ll soon find that you’ve been out of the loop for quite a bit and it’s time to read up on what you’ve missed in regards to business and maybe even lead generation during the past week. Continue reading…

IT Product Launch? Get Invites with Event Telemarketing!

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event telemarketing, lead generation, IT sales leadsYou’ve probably been slaving away for months as you strive to perfect the IT product you are about to release out into your target market. Through all of those months, you have invested a lot of time and money to meet your deadlines and get your product ready for its launch. You may have even decided to invest into having an event to help you generate IT sales leads.

Events, however, do not just magically get filled with people. And since it would be the launching of your product, you don’t want to be stuck on stage with no one listening to that speech you probably spent hours on completing! If you want to be able to get people to go to your event, and to hopefully generate new customers from it, then you are going to have to invest not just in your product launch event but in how you can get people from your target market to go to it as well. Continue reading…

Kick Start Sales Force – Lead Generation Weekly #2

lead generation, sales leadsHello folks, and welcome to the year 2013! We are still in the early part of January as well as it being the start of the first business quarter of this year. And because it is a new year, it means that it is a great time to renew the vigor of our marketing tactics and breathe life into our lead generation campaigns.

Our marketing and lead generation tactics are what will help us to keep on attracting new customers, convert them into business leads which then translate into sales. As such, it is important that we always know about the best steps to take to turn our campaigns into effective lead attractors. Continue reading…

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