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Facing the doubts of outbound telemarketing

Have you ever receive a phone call that is directly for you? You might be surprised to know that it’s not a random call, but you are purposely contacted by an outbound telemarketer. Companies might got your information from the web.

One of those phone call might be for a credit card subscription, where they will ask if you’re willing to avail their credit card subscription.

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2 Things that are Ruining Your IT Lead Generation Campaign

Let’s pretend that your IT lead generation campaign isn’t going well. Why? Because if we didn’t then how else would we be able to tell you about what’s ruining your campaign! Okay, so let us now proceed to pretending that you are living in the aftermath of a post-company-apocalyptic era.

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Is IT Telemarketing the Answer to Your Sales Needs?

IT companies that aren’t meeting their quota with sales each and every month aren’t going to be in business for very long. What do you expect to happen when you can’t finance your own business? When a business needs sales, it means that thoughts of a lead generation campaign can’t be far behind. And when you talk of generating leads telemarketing is usually in the equation.

What could be the reason as to why your IT company is not making any sales? Could it be that you just aren’t able to find the right prospects to market to, or could it be just that your lead generation campaign isn’t working as intended. A lack of leads can really kill your business, especially when you’re already in dire need to keep the money flowing for day-to-day operations.

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Quick & Important Reminders in IT Telemarketing

IT companies that ignore the use of telemarketing as part of their lead generation programs are surely missing out. Outbound telemarketing is still a powerful tool when it comes to generating IT services leads, and it appears like it will continue to be as the years go on.

Way back in the past, Alexander Graham Bell almost didn’t get the patent on the telephone he invented – that’s right, he wasn’t the only one working on it. Well, we’d still have the telephone either way. Who we really need to thank is the marketer with the bright idea to sell stuff over the phone. And ever since that it seems like telemarketing has become part of a marketer’s arsenal.

So are you an IT company with an IT telemarketing campaign? If you are, then here are a few quick tips and reminders in helping you have better performance and better results.

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Your Software Telemarketing Campaign’s 2 Worst Enemies

No one alive today has no enemies. Even when we think we’re all buddy-buddy with everyone in our life, you never know who’s just waiting to lay down an attack on you when you least expect it. Luckily though, that’s not the same problem that your software telemarketing campaign faces, although it does have a few enemies here and there.

In getting to where you are today, are you sure that you haven’t stepped on someone? Even if your memory would serve you correctly, maybe someone just felt wronged as you paved your way towards opening your own software business – medical software, hr software, payroll software, accounting software, SAP, Oracle, SAGE. As said above though, that’s not the kind of problems you face when you employ cold calling as part of your strategy.

Your inside sales campaign will see an assortment of baddies, the likes of which probably even Batman wouldn’t be willing to face. Okay, once again over-exaggerating, but who doesn’t love a good caped-crusader comparison?

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How to Gauge Telemarketing Performance

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telemarketing, cold calling, sales lead generationCompanies that outsource their telemarketing campaigns, of course, want to gauge the performance of their marketing venture. However, some of us do not really understand how to see if our calling campaign is giving us the returns that we want. Mostly though, business owners will rate and base performance simply on ROI, the thing is that sometimes a positive ROI does not always mean that your telemarketing campaign is doing good.

A positive ROI, of course, denotes that you are getting good results. But the amount of money you make should not be the only metric with which you judge how good your telemarketing campaign is. So the question now is… what other things can I judge telemarketing performance with? Continue reading…

Lead Generation Tips From A Brony

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lead generation, cold calling, business to business leadsIf you don’t know what a “Brony” is then here’s a basic definition – a Brony is a term that has been coined for male fans of the animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. After learning about this, at first I couldn’t believe that there really was a male fan-base for a children’s cartoon such as this, especially one composed of males well into their teenage and adult years! So once I heard that there was a guy in the office who was admittedly a Brony, I decided to approach him and see if he could give us some Brony lessons and tips on lead generation.

Now, lead generation isn’t exactly something you can liken to a cartoon. After all, it’s all about business. But after having a talk with my co-worker, I learned that he was able to apply the lessons he learned in watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic into some aspects of performing effective lead generation for B2B leads. As such, I decided to take it upon myself and see just what got him addicted to the show and understand for myself these so-called lessons in the magic of friendship which he compared to when generating leads. Continue reading…

Get the Ball Rolling With B2B Telemarketing Services

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B2B telemarketing, professional telemarketing, cold callingOne of the hardest things to do for start-up companies is to bring in new clients. Because you are a start-up, it means you’re new. The only people who may recognize your company at first are your friends, and some people who accidentally stumble upon your website, but generally no one big at first. But in order for you to prosper, you are going to need customers. But just how do you even start generating sales leads?

A good answer to the question of how you can generate leads is to use B2B telemarketing. So how exactly does a new company benefit from something such as a phone call? The answer: people will hear from you. One of the single-most powerful tools in human existence is the “word of mouth”, and you can seriously capitalize on that when you use a medium such as the phone to get the word out about your company. Continue reading…

The Power of Blogging For A B2B Telemarketing Firm

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B2B telemarketing, lead generation telemarketing, cold callingI’ve talked to some buddies of mine who are also in the business of B2B telemarketing and I asked them “Hey guys, what’s your take on having a blog?”, and surely, some of them shrugged their shoulders at the thought. Only a good few of them actually said that they considered it, but even those friends of mine said that even if they expressed an interest in it they admitted that they had no idea on how to even get started with one.

Although lead generation telemarketing is an outbound marketing approach, we still cannot deny the power that inbound marketing has for any company. It’s one thing to go out into the world and go looking for business, but it is different when a prospect actually comes to knock on your door. As such, inbound marketing is one of the most powerful tools a company has at their disposal to gain new clients and prospects. Continue reading…

B2B Telemarketing Disaster-Proofing Tips

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B2B telemarketing, lead generation telemarketing, cold callingWith Hurricane Sandy bearing down on American soil, it seems like a disaster is about to happen. For general consumers, this could mean the loss of a few personal or even property items! For businesses though, it could mean the loss of valuable business-hours and profits. But even if a superstorm was not present, your business could still suffer if you do not disaster-proof it right from the very beginning.

For a B2B telemarketing company, such should be kept an eye on because even as little a thing such as a computer failure can affect the results of a campaign. As a third party telemarketing services provider, you should always be ready to counter any issues that arise as to show your clients that you mean business! Continue reading…

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