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Can B2B Marketing Catch A Break During Spring?

For B2B professionals and sales reps, March seems like another one of those months with a lot of “average days.”  But for college students, it’s party time because spring break is coming their way.

What’s the big deal right? You got meetings to go, leads to qualify, sales to make…  It’s not like your 20 anymore and not everybody’s Mark Zuckerberg. On the bright side though, certain B2B markets are more active during vacation periods like Spring Break. If your business caters to any of these, now would be a good time to start a campaign and provide them with the services they might need to make the most of spring break.

Outbound Telemarketing Tips – Learn To Give Orders

Many telemarketing experts will tell you that there is more to marketing with the phone than staying alone with one. In fact, even small businesses should not underestimate the investment they need to call prospects as well the benefits they will get that rivals that of seemingly easier alternatives. One good example is that good telemarketing needs you to give orders because doing it solo and without organization produces zero to little results.

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Defining Cleaning Leads When Words Start To Change

Think that defining cleaning sales leads is a lot harder than defining simple words? Suppose you were a commercial cleaner and you decide to target offices for your sales leads. Are you aware that the word ‘office’ these days has begun to have a rapidly changing definition? When you realize just how random and fickle words alone can be on what they mean, you might want to rethink your attitude towards defining sales leads.

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Cleaning Leads From Cleaning Up After Campaigns

The concept of cleaning up can apply to cleaning leads as much as they apply to actual events. The concept is so general, you can see it at work from major celebrations to natural disasters. Why? Simple. It is because (whether it is cleaning leads or trash), you never know what you might find in the mess that follows.

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