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Email Marketing: Don’t Buy Email Lists if you want to increase prospect engagement

Email Marketing Dont Buy Email Lists if you want to increase prospect engagement

Whether you have been utilizing B2B email marketing for a while or you’re a brand new company brand just starting up, purchasing an email list and having an expanded email database can seem attractive, but it’s generally a poor habit and it may be detrimental towards your deliverability rates and sender reputation. There are four reasons to this. Continue reading…

Email Marketing: How to force out the potential use of Template Emails

Template emails are like renting a car. You can choose what you want from all sizes and variation. You can also customize them to your needs and most specially, you can tailor them to make it personalize.

Just like using the Template Emails. It might just be anchored with its format bur anyone can be creative as can if they just want to. Continue reading…

Email Marketing: How can “Batch emails” move our email campaigns? 

There are three main medium where you have to consider whenever you think of having an email marketing campaign. One of these medium is using a “batch emails.” This kind of email is like the delivery truck of email marketing. Its main objective is to move people from point A to point B. Just like any regular truck, they only stop whenever their cargo needed to be delivered and they don’t care what place is. They deliver it where the products are supposed to go. If one product is out of the package, then there’s no way but to move on.  Continue reading…

 Email marketing: You Say these Words and Your Sales Message is Doomed  

Not many to mention, email marketers knows only how to hit send and okay. That’s it. No further commitment is needed when running an email marketing campaigns. Results? 40% of the email messages will go to Spam folder, 30% will go be deleted without being read. So, is it really okay for email marketing to just HIT and SEND without even thinking the outcomes? No, gravely saying it is not.

Continue reading…

Long-term B2B Marketing Must Adapt Early to Growth Pains

Anyone who’s ever dreamed of making a business bigger than what it currently is shouldn’t underestimate the scale. It’s like growing your own mean, little alien. Eventually, it’ll have to start growing more parts than what it’s currently got.

That can be a bit painful and that pain doubles if you can’t get your B2B marketing campaign to adapt. As much specialization helps highlight the uniqueness of your product, the reality is that larger competitors might beat you just from being able to grow faster and bigger.

Continue reading…

B2B Marketing Tips –Sending A Message to Vacationing CEOs

No doubt summer means a lot of sun and travel for many, including CEOs.  Forget pricy air travel, gassing up the family car, expensive hotels, or even VIP security concerns. Plenty CEOs have found ways to avoid such worries when they travel.

You can tell by the way they’d just check their email once a day and expect themselves and everyone else to stick to it. Anything like an emergency meeting is strictly limited from filling up their calendar.

After all, vacations are the ultimate reset button, offering respite from all the company politics and rat racing. That’s why they want a clear line between a real break and a fancy business trip. It only makes sense that they’d want B2B marketers to also respect that distinction even if they’re willing to hear your offer while they’re sipping cocktails on a yacht.

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Spread This Season’s B2B Marketing Campaign from Email and Beyond

Whether it’s just holiday pictures or office parties, there’s a lot more you can put in your business stocking this Christmas. As the end of the fiscal year draws near, the yearly finish line is now in sight for marketers. However, don’t give in to the tendency to just rush towards it without spotting the unseen opportunities found only during this time of year. Here are just some of the possibilities: reconnecting with past business partners, paving the way for the next year, creating new marketing pitches, or just simply summarizing all the success you have had so far.

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The Monsters Between Yourself and Your B2B Leads

Monsters. At first, it sounds so easy to think up of examples. But the longer you do, the more you realize that there are just so many kinds out there. Halloween alone will only show you a fraction.

But more importantly, they have always meant to represent something (be it in symbols, metaphors etc). For B2B marketers and lead generators, there are many obstacles to success that could easily be represented by monsters.

Although, that doesn’t change the fact that they are still so many to deal with (both the monsters and the marketing problems they represent). The following is an interesting way to categorize them all and bring you closer to a better strategy.

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